Starting Five

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Representation of a starting grid in basketball

Starting Five (German: Starting Five or First Five ) is the name given to the starting line-up in basketball . It consists of five players, usually two guards, two forwards and a center.

The positions are numbered from the smallest to the largest:

1. PG - Point Guard
2. SG - Shooting Guard
3. SF - Small Forward
4. PF - Power Forward
5. C - Center

However, other types of setups are also possible and can be varied at the trainer's discretion. Often there are also alternative starting positions, such as three guards, one forward and one center, or one guard, three forwards and one center.

Position designations in basketball
Guards Basketball half-court 1. Point Guard
2. Shooting Guard
Forwards 3. Small forward
4. Power forward
center 5. Center
unofficial position titles: Combo Guard | Swingman | Point forward
see also: Tweener | Backcourt | Front court | Starting Five | Sixth Man