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Tweener (from English between , "between") is an unofficial term for players in basketball . As with the Combo Guards , they cannot be assigned to an exact position. There are two types of tweeners .

In the first case, they can be the size of a “larger” position (SG, SF, PF, C). For example, a small forward the size of a power forward (according to NBA standards from about 205 cm). Such players can play both positions, which makes them very versatile (the term combo forward is sometimes used for SF / PFs ).

Examples of tweeners are:

Forwards: Fragiskos Alvertis , Michael Beasley , Tobias Harris , Rashard Lewis , Lamar Odom , Donté Greene , Toni Kukoč
Guards: Shaun Livingston , Rodney Stuckey , Theodoros Papaloukas , Zoran Planinić , Magic Johnson , Giannis Antetokounmpo

In the second case there are z. B. Shooting guards the size of point guards (usually less than 191 cm), or a power forward with the size of a small small forward (approx. 198 cm), i.e. players who are too small for their respective position.

Examples are:

Forwards: Charles Barkley , Jason Maxiell , Chuck Hayes , DeJuan Blair , Draymond Green , Jae Crowder , Kenneth Faried
Guards: Jason Terry , Fred Jones , Eddie House , Allen Iverson , Avery Bradley , Monta Ellis

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