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Swingman (from English swing "to swing, to rock") or Guard-Forward is an unofficial term for players in basketball who can play both the shooting guard and the small forward position and thus back and forth between the two positions Can "swing". Swingmen are typically between 195 and 205 cm tall.

The better swingmen use their size or athleticism, which is unusual for one of the two positions, in order to provoke defensive “mis-matches” (advantages for the offensive player through defenders that are too small or too slow, for example). You can therefore pass defenders who are too slow or “post” smaller players within the three-point line (push away with their own body or back), or throw them over smaller defenders.

Well-known examples of players who can or could switch between the two positions are: Kobe Bryant , Vince Carter , DeMar DeRozan , Paul George , Jimmy Butler and Tracy McGrady .

Position designations in basketball
Guards Basketball half-court 1. Point Guard
2. Shooting Guard
Forwards 3. Small forward
4. Power forward
center 5. Center
unofficial position titles: Combo Guard | Swingman | Point forward
see also: Tweener | Backcourt | Front court | Starting Five | Sixth Man