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Combo Guard (from English combination "Vereinigung, combination") is an unofficial term for players in basketball who can play both the point guard and the shooting guard position. Such players are usually a little smaller than the usual shooting guards ( the preferred size for shooting guards in the NBA starts at around 192 cm ), but are physically just as strong and athletic as normal shooting guards.

There are three types of combo guards :

  • Point guards who, due to their height, their throwing distance and their athleticism, can play in the shooting guard position and can also defend this position effectively. These players have both skills: to direct a game, but also to score points themselves.
Examples are: Russell Westbrook , Stephen Curry , Jason Kidd , Tyreke Evans , Shaun Livingston , Dimitrios Diamantidis
  • Shooting guards who have the same skills as normal point guards in the areas of ball handling, passing and steering a game and are therefore able to pass as "pass first guard" (pass rather than score themselves) in the point guard position. These players have both skills: they can score points themselves, but they can also direct a game.
Examples are: James Harden , Manu Ginóbili , Dwyane Wade , Brandon Roy , Larry Hughes , Vasileios Spanoulis
  • Shooting guards who are the size of a point guard (also called tweeners ). These players are usually less than 190 cm tall and usually behave differently than a "pure" point guard. They are more aggressive on the offensive and more focused on points, so combine the skills of a SG with the size of a PG. They cannot be used effectively in the point guard position due to a lack of understanding of the game and a lack of skills in building up the game, but they cannot effectively defend the shooting guard position due to a lack of body size. This type of player is often referred to as a "shooting guard trapped in the body of a point guard".
Examples are: Jason Terry , Allen Iverson , Eddie House , Ben Gordon

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