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Point Forward is an unofficial name for basketball players who have the skills of a point guard or a development player , but who play in the forward positions due to their size . Such players are potentially the second option for a team in addition to the point guard in the build-up of the game.

Usually, the term point foward is used for small forwards and power forwards (usually small forwards), which have the game overview and ball handling of a point guard and can therefore also control the game. These players often cause defensive "mis-matches" (advantages for the offensive player due to defenders that are too small or too slow, for example), since slower power forwards usually cannot defend distance throws effectively enough due to their lack of speed, and point forwards with the help of their height smaller players can "post" (push away with their own body or back).


Examples of point forwards are:

Position designations in basketball
Guards Basketball half-court 1. Point Guard
2. Shooting Guard
Forwards 3. Small forward
4. Power forward
center 5. Center
unofficial position titles: Combo Guard | Swingman | Point forward
see also: Tweener | Backcourt | Front court | Starting Five | Sixth Man

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