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Stephen Frank Altschul (born February 28, 1957 ) is an American bioinformatician , known as a co-developer of the BLAST program in gene sequencing .

Altschul, whose father was a partner at Goldman Sachs and a director of the General American Investors Company, studied mathematics at Harvard University (Bachelor 1979 summa cum laude ), then taught for two years in Rome and did his doctorate in 1987 with Daniel J. Kleitman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( Aspects of Biological Sequence Comparison ). His doctoral thesis was on gene sequence comparisons, on which he worked with Bruce Erickson and Peter Sellers of Rockefeller University . He was then at the National Institutes of Health at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), where he worked with Eugene Myers (who was a visiting scientist at NCBI from the University of Arizona ), David J. Lipman (the then NCBI Director, who also 1985 developed the FASTA algorithm ), Warren Gish (who did most of the implementation), and Webb Miller developed the BLAST algorithm for sequence comparison. Her work from 1990 was the most cited scientific paper of the 1990s. He also worked with Samuel Karlin on the development of the sequencing algorithms . In 1997 he and his colleagues published a further developed version (Gapped-BLAST, PSI-BLAST). He is a group leader at NCBI in Bethesda, Maryland .

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