Foundation Help for Self-Help for Addicts and People at Risk

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Foundation Help for Self-Help for Addicts and People at Risk


Legal form: Non-profit foundation under civil law
Purpose: The foundation serves social purposes in the field of help for addicts and those at risk of addiction.
Chair: Ralph-Dieter Wilk and Herbert Conradi (2nd chairman)
Managing directors: Ralph-Dieter Wilk
Consist: since 1981
Seat: Heidelberg

no founder specified

The Foundation Help for Self-Help for Addicts and People at Risk of Addiction (Suchthilfestiftung), based in Heidelberg, is a nationwide foundation under civil law, listed in the foundation directory of the Karlsruhe Regional Council. The foundation exclusively pursues charitable and charitable purposes within the meaning of the tax code .

The target groups are formerly alcohol and drug addicts. The aim is to enable addicts to lead an independent life again. The self-help idea is always in the foreground.


  • Education of the population about the dangers of addictions and their recovery options
  • Promotion of self-help groups
  • Promotion of living and work projects as well as self-help communities in which addicts learn to live without addictive substances
  • Support for needy addicts and those at risk of addiction through personal and economic assistance
  • Support with secondary school leaving certificates, qualification measures for work qualification and training grants

Main activities:


The Addiction Help Foundation emerged from the non-profit association Help for Self-Help for Addicts and People at Risk of Addiction, which was founded in 1981 and which was converted into its current legal form Stiftung dbR in 1998 . Initiator and chairman of the board until 2010 Ludger Balke, board member from 2010 Ralph-Dieter Wilk (managing director) and Herbert Conradi.

Since it was founded, former drug addicts and alcoholics have been advised and promoted nationwide, as well as educational work and individual measures. At the same time, the outpatient and inpatient self-help facilities were set up and networked.

The projects funded included stationary self-help projects, such as the Fleckenbühler and the Synanon Foundation, which later grew to a considerable size .

Up until 1998, the foundation or the association that preceded the foundation had funded around 40 companies.

Foundation funds

In addition to the income from the foundation's assets, the Addiction Aid Foundation receives support and donations from private individuals and companies, allocations through monetary requirements from courts and endowments . A significant part of the funds comes from a single donor.

In 1989 the Addiction Aid Foundation had 860,000 DM from court fines and donations. In 2001 it is reported that donations amounting to approx. DM 1 million per year are available.


  • The "fight for every soul" is worthwhile
  • Back to normal
  • New children's rooms for the little ones
  • Drug therapy for repatriates
  • “Open day” at the social service Rettungsarche e. V. in Ebsdorfergrund-Hachborn
  • Suchthilfestiftung - donations for charitable seven dwarfs
  • Self-help addicts
  • Recycling & Service Wetterau (RDW) of the self-help association "Dry Dock": disposal of refrigerators. The Suchhilfestiftung provided this company with a truck worth 20,000 DM.
  • Anode workshop in Ettishofen. The Suchhilfestiftung provided this company with the tools for the joinery business.
  • Wholemeal bakery in Salem
  • Transport company in Bremen
  • Large laundry in Sigmaringer "soap bubble"
  • Berlin drug counseling M41 and its sponsoring association for youth counseling and youth welfare. Here, the search aid provided DM 10,000 to buy train tickets with which drug addicts could start their therapy.
  • Cafe Flott in Hofheim near Frankfurt: youth cafe on Oberen Hauptstrasse 4. The interior furnishings and two delivery vans were financed here.
  • Landwehrheim in Bardowick, 35,000 DM and a truck were donated to the transitional home for addicts.
  • "Sleep In" overnight accommodation at Wredestrasse 69 in Ludwigshafen from the "nowhere house" association. The foundation paid for the interior decoration.
  • Housing project and laundry in Hohenwalde. The Suchhilfestiftung contributed a delivery truck and washing machines.
  • Apartment community Bergstrasse (WGB) on Nibelungenstrasse in Bensheim. After a fire, the search aid foundation made 30,000 DM available for furniture, kitchen and office.
  • Project “Antikmarkt”, junk shop run by the Upper Franconian Drug Aid Association at Letzengasse 13a in Bamberg. The Suchthilfestiftung provided the association with a transporter, workbenches, a band saw and a lathe.
  • Elrond, Osnabrück: living and working community and transport company. Elrond has received a truck and car donation from the Addiction Aid Foundation.
  • Synergetik, Berlin: maintains shared apartments and does conversions, extensions and renovations. The Suchhilfestiftung donated a car.
  • Almedro, Berlin: Relocations and auxiliary construction measures. The Suchhilfestiftung donated a car.
  • Ebhausen life center: workshop and shared apartment. The Suchhilfestiftung provided a minibus.
  • “Springboard” project, Munich-Giesing: A truck worth 80,000 DM was made available to the forestry company.
  • Loschter Knorze bakery in Lustadt. The Addiction Aid Foundation made 90,000 DM available and an additional 40,000 as a loan.
  • Elrond, Bremen: clearing out and demolition work. A 7.5-ton truck worth 30,000 DM was donated by the Addiction Aid Foundation.
  • Synynon, Berlin. The Suchthilfestiftung donated a VW van.
  • Guttempler, Bremen: an employment initiative that makes furniture. The donation of a minibus was handed over by Senator for Social Affairs Henning Scherf.
  • Casa Nova, Osthofen of the association “With youth against drugs e. V., “Worms: A donation of 14,000 DM for the wood workshop came from the Suchhilfestiftung.
  • Contact point of the abstinence group of the old man Stoffberg in the Stollberg House of Youth. The Suchhilfestiftung donated furniture, wood paneling, crockery and cutlery worth 14,000 DM.
  • Advice center for young people “Guddy” (Guttempler Jugend), Damperhofstrasse 26, Kiel. The Addiction Aid Foundation donated a VW bus worth 29,000 DM.
  • Hotex gGmbH, employment initiative of the district of Sigmaringen. The Addiction Aid Foundation is providing an interest-free loan of DM 300,000 for the laundry.
  • Training center of the rehabilitation facility Haus Wiesengrund, Im Eschengraben, Reinerzau. The Suchhilfestiftung donated 130,000 DM for machines and devices.


Member of the Federal Association of German Foundations .

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