Strøm Glacier

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Strøm Glacier
location Ross Dependency , Antarctica
Mountains Queen Maud Mountains , Transantarctic Mountains
Coordinates 85 ° 10 ′  S , 164 ° 30 ′  W Coordinates: 85 ° 10 ′  S , 164 ° 30 ′  W
Strøm Glacier (Antarctica)
Strøm Glacier
drainage Ross Ice Shelf

The Strøm Glacier is a steep valley glacier in the Queen Maud Mountains in the Antarctic Ross Dependency . It flows from the north side of Mount Fridtjof Nansen in a north-easterly direction between the Duncan Mountains on the north-west flank and the Herbert Range on the south-west side to the Ross Ice Shelf on the Amundsen coast .

The glacier is named after the so-called Strøm Camp . This was built in December 1929 at the foot of the glacier as part of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1928-1930) by the geological team under Laurence McKinley Gould (1896-1995). The camp is named after the Norwegian Sverre Andreas Strøm (1898–1950), first mate of the City of New York ship on this research trip and head of the snowmobile unit , which supplied the two field research teams of the expedition with material.

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