Sun Yi (Marquis)

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Sun Yi ( Chinese  孫 翊  /  孙 翊 , Pinyin Sūn Yi ; * around 183 ; † 204 ) was an official of the Wu Dynasty at the time of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. He was the third son of Sun Jian . After Sun Jian's brother-in-law Wu Jing died , Sun Yi became the marquis of Danyang.

Because he was held in high regard by Sun Ce , he was seen as a serious rival to Sun Quan in terms of succession. However, he withdrew from a confrontation and served his older brother as Marquis of Danyang. When his vassals killed him, a commission of inquiry was set up under Sun He , but it was unsuccessful in investigating the situation. Only Sun Gao was able to expose the conspiracy.

Sun Yi's son, Sun Song, later served as captain of the archers, but was chastised and demoted by Lu Xun for an unspoken failure .

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