Sun Ben

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Sun Ben ( Chinese  孫 賁 ), majority name Boyang ( 伯陽 ; * 172 ; † 208 ), was a general under Sun Jian and his successors at the time of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.

He was the older son of Sun Jian's twin brother Sun Qiang ( 孫 羌 , court name Shengtai 聖 台 ) and fought with his uncle against Dong Zhuo from 190 onwards . After Sun Jian's death he took over part of his troops and served the warlord Yuan Shu together with his cousin Sun Ce . He also followed him in the conquest of Wu territory and served Sun Quan from 200 . After the Battle of Chibi, he fell ill and died.

Sun Ben left five sons, many of whom honored their father as generals. One of his daughters married Cao Cao's son, Cao Zhang .

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