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Yu He (* before 175, † 204 ), later Sun He , was an officer of the Wu Dynasty at the time of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.

He was adopted by Sun Jian in the 180s , whose family name he adopted. He served as a bodyguard to Sun Jian until his death. He later participated in Sun C's campaign to conquer the south of China and was then stationed at Sun Yi's headquarters. When Sun Yi was murdered, Sun He was supposed to solve the crime, but he was himself killed by Sun Yi's murderers.


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Sun He left four sons, all of whom held high military or civilian posts:

  • Sun Zhu (Lord of Qu'a)
  • Sun Yi (Lord of Hai Yang, died young.)
  • Sun Huan
  • Sun Jun ( served as Noble General of the Military Household)
    • Sun Jian ( served as the general subjugating the rebels)
    • Sun Shen ( served as general guarding the south)
      • Sun Cheng

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