Supporter 4

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Supporter 4
Art Cultivated apple ( Malus domestica )
origin Dresden- Pillnitz
known since 1965

M9 x M4

List of apple varieties

Supporter 4 is a pad for the kinds of the culture apple (Malus domestica).

In Dresden Pillnitz had Otto Schindler since 1911 with the breeding of new documents based on the M9 employs Rootstocks. This research was resumed in the 1950s with the aim of finding slow- growing, disease-resistant , easily reproducible and stable stocks. From 1965 Manfred Fischer was busy evaluating the existing breeding results. The result was the supporter types 1 to 4. Supporter 4 was initially known under the name Pi 80 and arose from a cross between M9 and M4. The variety shows above-average vigor as well as M26 , whereby it shows better compatibility with noble veins . Like all varieties of the M line and their descendants, it is highly susceptible to fire blight . The yield from propagation in tree nurseries is high.

It is less susceptible to collar rot ( Phytophthora cactorum ) and has few root shoots . As a base it is suitable for apple varieties with low growth on nutrient-poor soils in extensive cultivation . As a tree it is about three meters high and needs a stake because of its poor stability. It is less sensitive to frost than M9 .

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