Telepop music

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Telepop music
Télépopmusik with Angela McCluskey
Télépopmusik with Angela McCluskey
General information
origin France
Genre (s) Trip hop
founding 1998
Founding members
Christophe Hetier
Stephan Haeri
Fabrice Dumont

Télépopmusik is a French music group that mainly plays electronic music , e.g. B. in the field of trip-hop . So far, the albums Genetic World and Angel Milk as well as various singles of the albums have been released. The group consists of Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier. Guest singer on both albums was Angela McCluskey .


The group released their first song Sonic 75 on Source Lab in 1996 . Fabrice Dumont, founding member of the band Autour De Lucie , which is relatively well-known in France , plucks other stringed instruments in addition to the bass. The trained sound engineer and electro-acoustician is the only one who can live only from music and is responsible for the arrangement. Stephan Haeri plays guitar, drums and keyboards and also takes care of programming.

Christophe Hetier is responsible for the samples and selects guest singers. The trio finds inspiration u. a. in the early German electronics Kraftwerk , the new French electricians, but also with classic guitar pop bands. Télépop music sounds like a fusion of electropop , hip-hop , house , nu-jazz and film music .

In June 2001 the trio, which copied its name from a second-hand shop for hi-fi systems, released the first long player Genetic World with numerous guests such as Angela McCluskey, rapper Juice Aleem, Gonzales , Peaches and the former Earthling man Soda Pop aka Mau.

The car company Peugeot booked telepop music for a commercial. Mastering was done by Alex Gopher . The BBC put the record in heavy rotation . Télépopmusik engaged Jordan Scott , daughter of Ridley Scott, for the video for the first single Breathe .

The single Breathe was in 2003 in Mitsubishi -Werbungen and 2006 in the TV advertising campaign of Visa to hear as a guest.

In May 2005 the second album Angel Milk was released . On this album you can hear Deborah Anderson , daughter of Yes singer Jon Anderson .

The title Ghost Girl became known through its use in a Peugeot advertisement.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Genetic World
  UK 88 03/23/2002 (1 week)
Angel Milk
  FR 79 02/20/2005 (8 weeks)
  UK 42 03/02/2002 (2 weeks)
  US 78 12/28/2002 (10 weeks)


  • 2001: Genetic World
  • 2005: Angel Milk


  • 2001: Breathe

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