T-28 (tank)

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in Parola (Finland)

in Parola (Finland)

General properties
crew 6th
length 7.44 m
width 2.81 m
height 2.82 m
Dimensions 28 t
Armor and armament
Armor 20-30 mm armor steel
Main armament 1 × 76.2 mm M27 / 32 cannon
Secondary armament 3 x 7.62mm MG DT
drive 1 × Mikulin M-17T petrol engine
367.7 kW (500 PS)
Top speed 42 km / h (road) / 25 km / h (terrain)
Power / weight

The T-28 was a Soviet medium tank from World War II .


Destroyed T-28 at the beginning of the eastern campaign near Kovno

The development of the tank began around 1929. The design was heavily influenced by the British Vickers A6 . The use of several towers was characteristic here. The T-28 had two machine gun turrets and a main turret with a 76.2 mm cannon. The development of the T-28 benefited from the collaboration with German engineers without their designs being able to prevail.

The six-man crew consisted of the commander, two radio operators (simultaneously machine gunner), driver, gunner and loader.

The first production series of ten vehicles began in October 1932. In the standard version of the T-28, the same cylindrical towers were used as in the T-35, which was built at the same time . In 1938 various improvements were made to the design. The T-28 was produced in this form until 1940. A total of 600 T-28s were produced between 1933 and 1940.

The armor was distributed as follows:

Hull armor: front 30 mm, sides 20 mm, rear 20 mm

Tower armor: front 20 mm, sides 20 mm, rear 20 mm

At the outbreak of World War II, the T-28 was still the main Soviet medium tank. Due to its weak armor, however, it was hardly up to the requirements. After heavy losses in the war in Finland , additional armor was attached to the existing T-28. These conversions were given the designation T-28E. Like the T-35 was the last production series of twelve T-28 in 1940, conical towers. Further developments using the Christie drive with the designation T-29 were discontinued.

Easily recognizable size comparison of a T-28

T-28 E.

  • Crew: 6
  • Weight: 32 t
  • Armament:
1 × L-10 76.2 mm with 70 rounds
5 × DT -MGs
  • engine
M-17L with 500 hp
23 km / h
  • Armor 10–80 mm

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