Taiwan News

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Taiwan News
臺灣 英文 新聞

description English daily newspaper
First edition 1949 (as "China News")
Sold edition over 250,000 copies
editor I-Mei Group
Web link www.etaiwannews.com

Taiwan News ( Chinese  臺灣 英文 新聞  / 台湾 英文 新闻 , Pinyin Táiwān Yīngwén Xīnwén , formerly China News ) is one of the three largest English-language newspapers in the Republic of China (Taiwan) . The other two are the Taipei Times and The China Post . It is published by the food company I-Mei, which also publishes the Mandarin- language weekly of the same name ( Taiwan News ; the title is written in English).

China News was founded in Taiwan in 1949 . At that time, China News was published in the evening. In 1952, The China Post was first published in the morning. In order to keep up with its competitors and not to lose its advertising customers, China News had to switch over and also publish it in the morning.

The name of the newspaper was changed to "Taiwan News" in 1988 after I-Mei (a Taiwanese food group) bought the publishing house from Simone Wei in 1999. After the change of ownership, the editorial team's political orientation shifted towards the pan-green coalition .

Since January 1st, 2008 , the Taiwan News has been published in tabloid format , replacing the old broadsheet format .

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