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Broadsheet format (German: broad sheet ) is the English name for a newspaper format and the generic term for large-format newspapers. It's roughly twice the size of the tabloid format . The Berlin format and the Swiss format lie between the broadsheet and tabloid formats .


The format has its origins in the 17th century, when the first newspapers, proclamations, pamphlets, pamphlets and scientific treatises were printed on individual folio sheets.

Historically, newspapers in broadsheet format are considered to be the "serious" quality newspapers - as journal of record , as is formulated in the English-speaking world, so that the name of the paper format is used as a synonym for such newspapers. In German, the term subscription newspaper is used for this . The tabloids format was traditionally reserved for the tabloids . However, this changed in the 2000s, as some broadsheets, such as The Times and The Independent in England or Le Monde in France, switched to tabloid formats and other countries also switched to smaller formats. An important reason for choosing a smaller format is that large-format newspapers are unwieldy in confined spaces, for example on public transport or at the kitchen table. The paper costs are also important for the selection of the format . Modern printing machines allow a free choice of format.


There is no uniform national or international standard, only current and regional characteristics. The following dimensions refer to the closed newspapers, i.e. the sales format; When open, the newspapers are twice as wide. The type area is usually on each side about 15 mm smaller than the page size.

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