Talipot palm

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Talipot palm
Flowering Talipot palm in the Deshaies Botanical Garden in Guadeloupe

Flowering Talipot palm in the Deshaies Botanical Garden in Guadeloupe

Order : Palm- like arecales
Family : Palm family (Arecaceae)
Genre : Crested Palms ( Corypha )
Type : Talipot palm
Scientific name
Corypha umbraculifera

The Talipot palm ( Corypha umbraculifera ) is one of the particularly large palm trees with a height of 12 to 25 m .

Blooming talipot palm in Guadeloupe


Its bright green leaves reach a maximum diameter of 5 m, making them the widest of all palm trees. They sit on 4 m long petioles, which are covered with numerous spines at the edges. The trunk is covered with the old leaf bases of shed leaves.

The hapaxanthe Talipot palm blooms after 30 to over 50 years and forms a terminal inflorescence up to 6 m high. It consists of millions of small, cream-colored and hermaphrodite single flowers, from which round, dull green to brownish, lonely fruits develop. After about twelve months, the fruits, which are up to 4 centimeters in size, are ripe and the palm dies.


The original occurrence of the Talipot palm is in Sri Lanka and on the Indian Malabar coast .

Name explanation and use

The name of the Talipot palm in Sanskrit is Tali ( ताली tālī ). The name Talipot is derived from the Sanskrit tālīpatra, " Tali leaf". In India, the leaves of the Talipot palm were once used as writing material for palm leaf manuscripts . From the 16th century, the Talipot palm was replaced by the Palmyra palm ( Borassus flabelliformis ). The reason is likely to be the higher utility value of the palmyra palm, where the fruits can also be used.


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