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The Tarnopol district (often also Tarnopol landscape ; Russian Тарнопольский край Tarnopolski krai ) was an administrative unit in the west of the Russian Empire that existed between 1810 and 1815.

The area was in the east of what was then Galicia and had been part of Austria since 1772 . It was awarded to Russia as a result of the Peace of Schönbrunn in 1809, but as a result of the Congress of Vienna in the summer of 1815 had to return the area to the Austrian Empire, which had existed since 1806 . The name is derived from the city of Tarnopol (today Ternopil in Ukrainian ), which represented the capital of the region.

The Russian Empire took over the area with about 400,000 inhabitants in the spring of 1810 and became an administrative part of the Russian Empire as the Tarnopol district by ukase from the Russian Emperor on June 15, 1810.

In terms of administration, the area was initially divided into the two okrugs (districts) Tarnopol and Zaleszczyki (in the south), and in 1814 the Okrug Trembowla was added. Russian was chosen as the official language , and Polish was also permitted as another official language, the Julian calendar was introduced, Russian passports were issued and military registers were introduced.

On August 6, 1815, the area was taken over again by the Austrian administration on the basis of the contract of May 3, 1815 and the previous administrative units (Tarnopol district, Czortkow district) were restored.


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