Teslin Lake

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Teslin Lake
Teslin Lake.jpg
Geographical location British Columbia , Yukon ( Canada )
Tributaries Teslin River , Nisutlin River , Jennings River , Swift River , Hayes River , Gladys River
Drain Teslin River
Places on the shore Teslin
Coordinates 60 ° 0 ′  N , 132 ° 25 ′  W Coordinates: 60 ° 0 ′  N , 132 ° 25 ′  W
Teslin Lake (Yukon)
Teslin Lake
Altitude above sea level 683  m
surface 354 km²
length 144 km
width 3.2 km
Maximum depth 214 m
Middle deep 59 m
Catchment area 30,300 km²
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The Teslin Lake ( Teslin = English for Indian word Teslintoo "long, deep water") is a high mountain lake in Canada ( North America ).


The lake is located in western Canada in the transition area between British Columbia Interior (located southeast of the lake) and the Yukon Intermountain Ranges . Teslin Lake extends in the northern part, which is located in the Yukon , in a NW-SE direction, while it has a NNW-SSE orientation in the southern part, which is in British Columbia . The very long but narrow valley of Teslin Lake is located in a wooded high mountain landscape.

The still water spreading in a south-east-north-west direction , which is a maximum of 214 m deep and 683  m above sea level, is 144 km long, but on average only 3.2 km wide; in this direction it is traversed by the Teslin River . The Nisutlin River flows into its largest and rather elongated eastern arm (also called Nisutlin Bay ) . At the point where this arm meets the main part of the lake at Teslin , the 584 m long steel arch bridge of Highway 1 leads in a southeast-northwest direction over the east arm.

The water of all flowing waters that feed Teslin Lake leaves the lake at its northern end together with the Teslin River, which feeds the lake in the southeast and drains it in the northwest, around 190 km further northwest at Hootalinqua (Indian = "confluence of two large Rivers ") to flow into the Yukon River .


Among the tributaries of Teslin Lake include:


The villages on the sparsely populated Teslin Lake include:

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