Nisutlin River

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Nisutlin River
Nałasìn River
The Nisutlin River near Quiet Lake

The Nisutlin River near Quiet Lake

location Yukon ( Canada )
River system Yukon River
Drain over Teslin River  → Yukon River  → Bering Sea
source in the Pelly Mountains
61 ° 14 ′ 22 "  N , 131 ° 48 ′ 11"  W.
Source height approx.  1500  m
muzzle in the Teslin Lake coordinates: 60 ° 13 ′ 42 "  N , 132 ° 34 ′ 17"  W 60 ° 13 ′ 42 "  N , 132 ° 34 ′ 17"  W.
Mouth height 683  m
Height difference approx. 817 m
Bottom slope approx. 3.4 ‰
length 241 km
Discharge at the gauge above the Wolf River
A Eo : 8030 km²
Location: 15 km above the mouth
MNQ 1979/1995
MQ 1979/1995
Mq 1979/1995
MHQ 1979/1995
15 m³ / s
91 m³ / s
11.3 l / (s km²)
332 m³ / s
Left tributaries Wolf River
Right tributaries McNeil River
Flowing lakes Nisutlin Lake

The Nisutlin River (or Nałasìn River ) is a right, 150 miles long tributary of the Teslin River in Canada . It belongs to the river system of the Yukon River .

River course

The source of the Nisutlin River is located in Yukon above or north of the Nisutlin Plateau in the Pelly Mountains , which are part of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada . Initially the river runs in a south-westerly and then in a southerly direction through the mountainous world of the high plateau. Eventually it flows as part of a small estuary into the largest eastern arm of Teslin Lake , which lies on the border with British Columbia . Without crossing this border, it flows roughly in the middle of the lake into the Teslin River, which flows through the lake in a southeast-northwest direction. At its confluence with Teslin Lake is the 54.88 km² Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area .

At the confluence of the Nisutlin River or the eastern arm, from Highway No. 1 is crossed, in the main part of the lake is the village of Teslin , where there is an airfield . The water of the Nisutlin River leaves the lake at its northern end together with the Teslin River, which feeds the lake in the southeast and flows through it in a northwest direction, around 190 km further northwest at Hootalinqua (Indian "confluence of two large rivers") into the Yukon River to flow.

The actual headwaters of the Yukon

Of all the tributaries of the Yukon River , the source of the Nisutlin is the furthest from the Yukon estuary on the Bering Sea . It is also significantly further from this mouth than its actual source. Therefore, the Nisutlin, which is by far not the longest tributary or tributary of the Yukon, can be regarded as its actual source river. It thus forms the course of the Nisutlin – Teslin –Yukon river.

Flora and fauna

The Nisutlin River runs through extensive high mountain conifer forests in uninhabited wilderness. The rich fauna of the mountainous world through which the river flows includes eagles (e.g. bald eagles ), beavers , elk , bears (e.g. grizzly and black bears ), martens , reindeer , wolverines , wolves and pygmy falcons as well as water - and migratory birds . There is a rich fish world in its water, for example: grayling , pike and lake trout .


The river is popular with canoe tourists , who hike the mostly gradually flowing Nisutlin River in their narrow boats in 3 to 5 days to enjoy the river and the landscape and to spend the night in camps.

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