The Black Lotus

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The Black Lotus (TBL) is a demo scene - artist group , which develops demos for the Commodore Amiga and which especially attracts attention through their publications in the 2000s and the platform used.


The group was founded in 1989 by two Swedes with the handles Dickhead and Rubberduck and in 2001 comprised more than 30 artists from the fields of programming , graphics and music . TBL publishes works for the Amiga and PC platforms and has thus received numerous prestigious prizes and awards - including first places at The Gathering , the Breakpoint and their predecessor Mekka & Symposium .


Over the borders of the Amiga / demo scene, TBL became known to a larger audience through their works from the 2000s. With victories in the “Amigademo” competitions in five consecutive years at the Mekka & Symposium and Breakpoint, TBL has set a record - no other group has been able to win one of the important competitions at one of the large demo parties so often in a row. The fact that TBL pushed the previous limits of the Amiga further and further, the interest in today's niche product was revived. Even several television stations and magazines took up the works of The Black Lotus to provide background information on the "outdated" Amiga.


Note: The Black Lotus has published around 50 demos or intros in the meantime, so this list is only a subjective selection of the most important releases. The web links refer to the respective entry in the demo scene database "Pouët", further publications can be reached via the web links at the end of the article.

title placement Compo (competition) Demo party year
Rift 1. Amigademos Revision 2014
Suicide Barbie 1. Console Demos (PSP) Breakpoint 2007
Starstruck 1. Demos (Amiga, Mac, PC) Assembly 2006
4 Edges (for Sony PS2 ) 1. Console demos Breakpoint 2006
Ocean machine 1. Amigademos Breakpoint 2005
Silkcut 1. Amigademos Breakpoint 2004
Magia 1. Amigademos Breakpoint 2003
Little Nell 1. Amigademos Mecca & Symposium 2002
Perfect Circle 1. Amigademos Mecca & Symposium 2001
Captured Dreams 1. Amigademos The Gathering 1997
Tint 1. Amigademos The Gathering 1996

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