The Korea Times

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Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 한국 일보
Hanja : 韓國 日報
Revised Romanization : Hanguk Ilbo
McCune-Reischauer : Han'guk Ilbo

Along with The Korea Herald and Korea JoongAng Daily, The Korea Times is one of the three largest English-language daily newspapers in South Korea .


The Korea Times has been published since November 1, 1950 . The publisher is Hankook Ilbo-Verlag , a large and important newspaper publisher in South Korea. The Korea Times is South Korea's oldest independent English language newspaper. It is the sister newspaper of the Korean- speaking Hankook Ilbo .


As one of the oldest newspapers, The Korea Times has great prominence in South Korea as well as abroad. It enjoys a high reputation and is the leading medium. In addition to South Korean news, events from all over the world as well as topics from business, culture and sport are reported.


The Korea Times is one of the most widely read and important newspapers in South Korea. It is available practically everywhere at kiosks and newsagents. Due to the English language, The Korea Times is often read by foreigners in South Korea, which is why it is often available in hotels. The Korea Times is now distributed in 160 countries.

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