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The Theater of the child in Linz for over 30 years producing theater for children 3-12 years.


It has existed in this form since 1973 and is the result of an initiative by Kinderfreunde Upper Austria. Since then it has been working as an independent, organizationally and financially independent association. The Children's Theater is one of the most important cultural institutions for children in Upper Austria. The permanent venue has been located in the Kuddelmuddel Children's Cultural Center since 1990.

Thanks to the former director Waltraud Starck , this theater , which is characterized by its closeness to the children, has continuously developed into one of the most respected children's theater stages in Upper Austria. This was awarded the stage art prize of the state of Upper Austria . Well-known employees of the theater were u. a. Sophie Rois , Herman van Veen , Karl-Heinz Hummel and Luise Toma , Patrick Addai , Jan Hax Halama , Sam Auinger , Heidelinde Leutgöb , Michaela Mandel , Walpurgi Helml and Henry Mason .


The more than 30,000 young visitors in around 250 performances per season experience educationally valuable programs up close. The theater team also sees its task in working with children as stimulating children to think and getting them excited about theater: Children's theater as the first entry into the world of theater. In the children's theater, children experience experience-rich, fun and entertainment-bringing performances and theater that touches and has a message.

The offers go far beyond pure play in the theater house: theater for the little ones on the go in the communities and towns across Austria. The program is supplemented with workshops for children, group leaders, teachers and parents.

With the start of the 2003/2004 season, there was a change in the management of the Children's Theater (management team since 2003: Andreas Baumgartner and Helen Isaacson). The redesign of the theater included not only personnel changes, but also a changed style of directing as well as the complete renovation of the theater and a new room concept. By setting up a multifunctional stage and grandstand solution specially developed for the rooms of the children's theater (design, development and planning by head of equipment Jan Hax Halama ), maximum flexibility and variability was achieved for direction and equipment, and absolute closeness and more direct for the audience Access to the productions achieved.

In the children's theater it is tradition that the actors answer a few questions about the play, the theater work or props after the performances. For the little ones there is the possibility to experience the figures that appear in the piece up close.

Ensemble members 2010/11

Dieter Daume , Andreas Baumgartner , Helen Isaacson , Katharina Schraml , Karin Verdorfer , Harald Bodingbauer

Ensemble members 2017/18

Simone Neumayr , Katharina Schraml, Matthias Hacker , Ferdinand Kopeining (guest), Harald Bodingauer (guest)


  • 2014 Big Stage Art Award of the State of Upper Austria
  • 2014 STELLA - Performing Arts Award for young audiences for the production "Heidi" as an outstanding production for children
  • 2018 Kaas and Kappes - 20th Dutch-German children's and youth playwright's prize for the production "Bergkristall" by Christian Schönfelder

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