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A themed hiking trail (also: themed hiking trail or thematic hiking trail ) is a hiking trail with a main topic that either names the region (such as the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig ) or points to local or regional features ( Franconian red wine hiking trail , Märchenlandweg ). As a rule, communities or local associations are responsible for the establishment and maintenance.

Themed hiking trails are outside the classic hierarchy of the hiking trail network ( long-distance hiking trail , main hiking trail , area hiking trail , local hiking trail , connecting or feeder trail), but local hiking trails can also be designed as themed hiking trails. The path length is not defined here. In addition to local circular hiking trails, themed hiking trails can also be several hundred kilometers in length and can only be hiked in several daily stages. In addition to educational tasks, they are also used for recreation . You can connect thematically related places, buildings or natural phenomena by means of a signposted route, but also show specially placed exhibits .

While themed hiking trails also provide motivation for hiking through their layout , educational trails focus on the pedagogical or educational goal.

There are more than 300 themed hiking trails in Austria. With these paths, tourism in the Alps should be given new impulses, but the hiking network should also be attractively denser.

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