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The sun at the Primstalsperre
Station "Neptune" of the Laupheim Planetary Path (Volkssternwarte Laupheim eV)

The Planet Trail is a special type of educational trail in which a scaled-down model of the solar system is displayed along the hiking route .

Usually the planets and the sun are set up to scale in size and distance along the route. At the frequently used "planetary scale" 1: 1 billion, the outermost planet Neptune is just under 4.5 kilometers from the sun. If the dwarf planet Pluto is still there, which was considered a full-fledged planet until 2006, the planetary path extends over almost 6 kilometers. Information boards about the respective planets are often attached to the planet models.

Planetary paths are attractive because of the possibility of stimulating yourself mentally through the information boards in addition to sporting activity. The almost natural division of the entire route into the planetary distances also gives a tangible impression of the dimensions in the solar system - the greater the distance from the sun, the greater the distance between the planets, which is why the migration times between two planets increase significantly towards the outside. If it is only 150 meters from the sun via Mercury and Venus to the earth , the hiker has to cover almost 700 meters between the neighboring planets Jupiter and Saturn . The scale models of the planets also convey proportions. On a scale of 1: 1 billion, the earth is a blue marble with a diameter of almost 13 mm, while the largest planet Jupiter is almost 15 cm in size and the solar ball with a diameter of around 1.4 meters visibly dominates all other celestial bodies. If you stand at the earth model and have the sun model in view, you can compare its apparent size with that of the real sun in the sky (pay attention to eye protection!) And thus convince yourself of the correctness of the scale.

Example (Planet Path Bad Nauheim)

Dimensions on a scale of 1: 1.4 billion are listed under Model of the Solar System .

List of planetary paths



In Danish Planetstien :


The coordinates always indicate the starting point "sun".


  • Aichwald: Planet trail with starting point at the youth center in Aichwald-Schanbach, circular trail over 4.3 km, scale 1: 2 billion.
  • Bad Liebenzell : Planetary nature trail in the spa park
  • Donzdorf : From the castle garden to Lauterstein. Scale 1: 1 billion; Simulation of a lunar eclipse
  • Durmersheim (Baden), PAMINA -Planetenweg; Scale 1: 1 billion; Leads from Durmersheim through the Rhine meadows to Mothern in Alsace. Connected to the PAMINA-Rheinpark path network along the Rhine, also suitable for bicycle tours .; 48 ° 55 '56.2 "  N , 8 ° 16' 17.3"  E
Sun model with information gabions at Durmersheim town hall


The circular cycle path in Lauf with poems and information


  • Berlin : in the Britzer Garten at Kalenderplatz at 590 m along the Massiner Weg; the sun, in the center of the calendar square, and the planets up to Saturn are shown inside, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto outside the fenced-in park area on steel discs embedded in the path or in the street; Scale 1: 10 billion




palpable Uranus in Marburg with Braille

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Lower Saxony

One of the bronze cast steles of Reinhold Wittig's Planet
Path in Göttingen - The Galilean moons of Jupiter Io, Europe, Ganymede, Callisto

North Rhine-Westphalia

One of 14 bronze plates that the 10.7 km long Astro path Wuppertal in Wuppertal form








  • Strasbourg : “Path of the Planets”, In the Garden of Two Banks ; Scale: 1:16 billion; Length: 281.5 m; The information board at the end of the path indicates that on this scale the closest star to the Sun would be Proxima Centauri 2,450 km away near Alexandria, Egypt.
  • La Chapelle-aux-Lys : “The Solar System”, part of the “Path to the Stars”; Scale: 1: 5 billion
  • Saint-François-de-Sales : “Planet Path”; Scale: 1: 4 billion
  • Quint-Fonsegrives : “Planet Path”, from Parc de la Saune along the banks of the Saune; Scale: 1: 1.4 billion
  • Brasparts : "Giant Model of the Solar System"; Scale: 1: 1 billion
  • Montagne de Lure : “Planet Path”; Scale: 1: 827 million
  • Rocbaron : "Planet Path "; Scale: 1: 140 million



  • Schaan : along the Rhine on the Rhine dam between Schaan and Bendern , start (sun) near the Schaan-Buchs bridge; Scale 1: 1 billion
The Jupiter sculpture on the planet path of the Rooisand Ranch in the NAM


  • Rooisand Desert Ranch: between the lodge and the observatory, scale 1: 1.79 billion, built in 2018


  • Amstetten : The Amstetten Planet Path was created as a school project by the Amstetten Federal High School. From the position of the sun above the grammar school, planet tables on a scale of 1: 1.439 billion were arranged along the Mühlbach and on the “Black Path” to Pluto in Greinsfurth.
  • Amber in Burgenland: circular route starting from the Amber Rock Museum
    Sun, starting point of the planet trail in amber
  • Freistadt : starting at the promenade, the hiking trail leads 16 km to the Sandl observatory ; Scale 1: 369 million
  • Großraming : along the E46 hiking trail; Scale 1: 1 billion
  • Hellmonsödt , Upper Austria : four children's playgrounds on the 4 km long path; Scale 1: 1.5 billion
  • Königsleiten : circular hiking trail starting from the observatory
  • Leitzersdorf : The sun is near the parish church with a diameter of 1 meter on a scale of 1: 1.4 billion.
  • Lichtenberg (Upper Austria) : Children's Planet Trail , approx. 7 km. Supplemented with didactic material, the concept was u. a. at "Science on Stage 2011" (Copenhagen) and awarded the "Family Oscar" of the state of Upper Austria.
  • Linz / Upper Austria : The Kepler Planetarium extends over the entire state of Upper Austria, only the inner solar system can be found in the state capital Linz; Scale 1:50 million. In the vicinity of the Johannes Kepler Observatory Linz there is also a planet path on a scale of 1: 2 billion.
  • Rettenegg : From Rettenegg to Stuhleck; Scale 1: 1 billion
    “Station Merkur” on the planet path near Solothurn
  • Terfens : through a pine forest beginning at the local church of Vomperbach
  • Tullnerfeld -Wienerwald: The sun is in Königstetten with a diameter of 1 meter. A cycle path with the scaled planets leads to Muckendorf to the Danube, a corresponding hiking path over the Tulbinger Kogel to the Hagenbachklamm
  • Wels : The planet path in Wels stretches along the northern bank of the Traun from the old Traun bridge to the Marchtrenk power station on a scale of 1: 1 billion. The starting point is an artistically designed sun disk. The planets are located as models in 9 glass showcases labeled with data on the outside. The planetary path was created on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the secondary school of the Franciscan Sisters of Wels .
  • Vienna : along the wall to the Lainzer Tiergarten near the Sterngarten on the Georgenberg



“Station Sun” on the Uetliberg-Felsenegg planet path

United States

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  • Hubert Hermelingmeier: The planet path as an entrance to astronomical education. In: ASTRONOMIE + RAUMFAHRT in the school 49 (2012) 5, pages 21–22, Friedrich Verlag in cooperation with Klett

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