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LU is the abbreviation for the Canton of Lucerne in Switzerland and is used to avoid confusion with other entries of the name Emmenf .
Emmen coat of arms
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton lucerneCanton lucerne Lucerne (LU)
Constituency : Hochdorf
BFS no. : 1024i1 f3 f4
Postal code : 6020 Emmenbrücke
6032 Emmen
UN / LOCODE : CH EMM (Emmen)
CH EBC (Emmenbrücke)
Coordinates : 665 606  /  214 581 coordinates: 47 ° 4 '44 "  N , 8 ° 18' 9"  O ; CH1903:  665,606  /  214581
Height : 436  m above sea level M.
Height range : 415-562 m above sea level M.
Area : 20.37  km²
Residents: i30,929 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 1518 inhabitants per km²
Proportion of foreigners :
(residents without
citizenship )
34.5% (December 31, 2,018)
Website: www.emmen.ch
Location of the municipality
Hallwilersee Baldeggersee Gütschweiher Sempachersee Steinibuelweier Rotsee Vierwaldstättersee Zugersee Kanton Aargau Kanton Schwyz Kanton Zug Kanton Zürich Wahlkreis Entlebuch Wahlkreis Luzern-Land Wahlkreis Luzern-Stadt Wahlkreis Sursee Aesch LU Altwis Ballwil Emmen LU Ermensee Eschenbach LU Hitzkirch Hitzkirch Hochdorf LU Hohenrain Inwil Rain LU Römerswil Rothenburg LU Schongau LUMap of Emmen
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Emmen is a municipality in the Hochdorf constituency in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland .


The community is a suburb in the north of Lucerne . It lies between Lucerne in the south-west and south, Ebikon in the south, Buchrain in the east, Eschenbach , Rothenburg in the north and Neuenkirch in the north-west.

Emmen consists of the two districts of Emmen and Emmenbrücke . The former is located in the Reuss valley - the latter is largely in a wavy plateau, and a minority (the lower quarters) also in the Reuss valley. Emmen-Dorf consists of the parts (upper) village and lower village (adjoining in the northeast). The hamlets of Rottertswil ( 452  m above sea level ; 2.6 km north of the village), Waltwil ( 421  m above sea level ; 3 km north-east) and Waldibrücke ( 422  m above sea level ) belong to the district of Emmen, which is the historical focus of the settlement above sea level ; 3.9 km northeast) - as well as the industrial area Emmenfeld / Hasli / Buholz between Emmen-Dorf and Waltwil. Because of the airport, the Emmenfeld / Haslifeld level is unobstructed , except for the industrial zones. Between Buholz and the Reuss there is a larger forest area - the Upper Schiltwald - and between the Waldibrücke and the Reuss the Lower Schiltwald . As a result of the industrial settlement, the first larger residential areas arose in the Emmenbrücke district. In the meantime, Emmenbrücke has left the district of Emmen far behind in terms of residents, is expanding further and swallowing up formerly agricultural zones. In the areas west of Gerliswil in particular, new housing estates were built on the south-facing slope, and they are still growing (Erlen, Neuhof) . The Kleine Emme , which joins the Reuss from the left in the Ibach area , forms the border between the Lucerne district of Reussbühl and Emmenbrücke. The only larger forest area in the Emmenbrücke district is the Riffigwald . The entire north-west of the municipality is rural with numerous groups of houses and individual farmsteads. The Hellbühler Rotbach flows through this area from west to east and forms the northern border between Emmen and Rothenburg LU for a few kilometers. Of the total community area of ​​over 20 km², 46.6% is used for agriculture. In addition, forest and wood cover 18.2% of the village and a third (growing) is settlement area.

Emmen borders on Buchrain , Ebikon , Eschenbach , Lucerne , Neuenkirch and Rothenburg . The highest point of the community is in Geisselermoos at 564  m above sea level. M. , the deepest on the Rotbach at 416  m above sea level. M.


Population development
year Residents
1798 01,330
1837 01'513
1850 01,764
1860 01,832
1870 01,948
1880 02,235
1888 02,484
1900 03,162
1910 04,229
1920 05,024
1930 07,905
1941 08,716
1950 11,065
1960 16,856
1970 22,040
1980 22,392
1990 25,407
2000 26,885
2010 28,031
2012 29'166
2014 29,292
2016 30,590
2018 30,929

From 1798 to 1870 the population grew steadily, but not in giant steps. This was followed by a hundred years of strong growth. In 1950 the mark of 10,000 inhabitants was exceeded. From 1970 to 1980 the population stagnated. This development was due to the return of foreign workers to their countries of origin, as many industrial companies cut jobs due to the economic crisis after the oil shock. In the 1980s there was another large surge in population growth. This leveled off, but picked up again around 2010. After the city of Lucerne, Emmen is the municipality with the second highest population in the Canton of Lucerne and in all of Central Switzerland. On December 2, 2015, the community passed the 30,000 mark for the first time.


The residents use a highly Alemannic dialect as their colloquial language. At the last census in 2000, 81.57% said German, 5.01% Serbo-Croatian and 3.91% Italian as their main language. There are also numerous people who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Tamil and Kurdish better or just as well as German. Large parts of the secondos (children of immigrants) are bilingual (mother tongue of their parents and German).

Religions - denominations

The majority of the residents of Emmen have always belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. This has eased somewhat as a result of leaving the church and immigration from other regions of Switzerland and abroad. Today (as of 2000) the religious situation is as follows: 64.17% are Roman Catholic , 12.71% Protestant Reformed and 4.60% Orthodox Christians . There are also 6.87% Muslims , 6.52% non-denominational and 0.85% members of other non-Christian denominations .

Origin - nationality

At the end of 2018, 20,258 of the 30,929 inhabitants were Swiss and 10,671 foreigners. The population consisted of 65.5% Swiss citizens and 34.5% foreigners. This makes Emmen the municipality with the highest proportion of foreigners in the canton of Lucerne. At the end of 2014, the foreign residents came from Serbia including Kosovo (24.4%), Italy (13.3%), Portugal (13.3%), Germany (8.0%), Spain (3.9%) and the Turkey (1.7%). 27.0% came from the rest of Europe and 8.3% were of non-European origin.


Numerous small and large industrial companies have settled in Emmen. As early as the turn of the century, an important industrial center emerged, the growth of which required an ever greater need for workers, which was only met by the emigration of the rural population and later by emigrants. Since people from former Yugoslavia who wanted to be naturalized were denied Swiss citizenship in referendums , the Federal Supreme Court condemned this naturalization practice as discriminatory in 2003. In February 2005 the voters decided with 68.4% yes-votes that in future a commission should decide on naturalization applications.

Neighborhoods and quarters

Emmenbrücke LU

Since the districts in Emmen have no statistical significance, the boundaries are not clear and not all streets are assigned to a district. However, several neighborhood associations have formed, which include the following quarters.

Municipality of Emmen


  • Erlen / Neuhof: Is located in the northwest of Emmenbrücke and includes the parts Erlen, Neuhof and Schönbühl. All of which are single-family houses, but parts of the Erlenstrasse, in the Erlenrain and in the Obere Erlen Quartier are also multi-family houses. The Erlen primary and secondary school is located in the quarter.
  • Alp: South of Erlenstrasse, west of Gerliswilstrasse to the south of the industrial quarter Emmenweid is the Quartier Alp. The Alp retirement home is located in the quarter, the development is characterized on the one hand by larger developments (Obere / Untere Wiese and Haldenstrasse), which were built after 1970, and on the other hand, smaller apartment buildings in the Brisenstrasse / Alpstrasse and Landenbergstrasse area, most of which were built before 1970 .
  • Sonnenhof: The Sonnenhof district is characterized by the Sonnenhof garden house settlement, which was built for the workers of the Emmens industrial companies. With the Sonnenhof Nord project by Pax-Versicherungen and Sonnenhof Süd by Romanochrists, the district is being consolidated and its previous, loosened structure is being changed.
  • Sprengi / Riffig: Develops the area north of the Sonnenplatz up to the A2 motorway Emmen Nord. As well as the Riffig Quartier south of Neuenkirchstrasse. The primary schools Sprengi and Riffig are located in the quarter.
  • Bösfeld / Kapf: The northern part within the railway loop is the Kapf district, a main residential area.
  • Benziwil: The southern part within the railway loop in Emmenbrücke is the Benziwil quarter, which consists of the Benziwil residential development from the 1970s, the Waldstrasse and the Schaubhus development.
  • Meierhöfli: The Meierhöfliquartier is located between the SBB Lucerne-Olten line and the A2 motorway north of the Reuss. There is no clear demarcation from the Herdschwand district. In addition to the two shopping centers Emmen-Center and Wohncenter Emmen, the quarter is characterized by a mixed use of commercial and residential use. The quarter is divided in two by Seetalstrasse, as there are very few crossings. The Feldbreite quarter is one of the Emmer development areas in the quarter.
  • Herdschwand: The Herdschwand adjoins the Meierhöfli quarter to the north, with single-family and small multi-family houses in the quarter, which is used exclusively for living. In the north, the quarter is bordered by the Gersag center and the extensive sports facilities in the Gersag to Mooshüsli area.
  • Chörbli: Located north of the Sprengi district on the border between Rothenburg and Neuenkirch.
  • Train station: Located at Emmenbrücke train station between the 'Central' and 'Seetalplatz' quarters.
  • Central: Located along Gerliswilstrasse between Sonnenplatz and the 'Bahnhof' district and also includes the 'Emmenweid' industrial area.
  • Seetalplatz: Located directly next to the 'Bahnhof' and 'Meierhöfli' quarters and borders the city of Lucerne (Reussbühl).
  • Viscosistadt: This quarter is used almost exclusively for industry. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has recently moved to this quarter. The Viscosistadt is located between the district associations 'Alp' and 'Meierhöfli' and is white in the picture 'Quartiervereine Emmen'.


  • Rüeggisingen: North of the Emmen military airfield and east of the A2 motorway, the Rüeggisingen district is elongated on Rüeggisingerstrasse. In addition to the military airfield and the military barracks, the quarter is used for living, both single-family houses (Abend- / Heimat- and Tulpenweg) as well as apartment buildings are in the quarter.
  • Emmen-Dorf: South of the military airfield is Emmen-Dorf, which consists of the parts Dorf and Unter-Spitalhof, which mainly have apartments. There are several industrial areas in Emmen-Dorf. From west to east along Seetalstrasse, these are Meierhof ( Also ), Flugzeugwerke ( RUAG ) and Hasli ( 4B AG , Emmi AG , Gemü ). The Buholz area is located south of Seetalstrasse and is home to Real's Buholz ARA and the TCS training center.
  • Waldibrücke: To the east of the military airfield is Waldibrücke. This quarter is a residential area and borders on the municipality of Eschenbach.
  • Rathausen : The Rathausen power plant is located in the municipality of Emmen and the Rathausen monastery on that of Ebikon. It is one of the smaller, quieter areas and, in addition to the foundation for the severely disabled in the monastery, is mainly used as a residential area.


Aerial photo (1963)

Emmen was first mentioned as Emau in a document from King Lothar , in which he confirmed the subordination of five free men to the rule of the monastery in the courtyard in Lucerne. The Murbach monastery in Alsace ruled for centuries. In 1291 the community came under the rule of the Habsburgs . Emmen lost them after the Battle of Sempach in 1386. Since then Emmen has belonged to Lucerne . Until 1798 the community was part of the Rothenburg district . The Emmer also took part in the Peasants' War of 1653. From 1798 to 1803 Emmen was part of the Lucerne district . Today's district Rottertswil, however, belonged to the Hochdorf district . Since 1803 Emmen has been assigned to the Hochdorf district and its most populous municipality. The municipality part of Rottertswil came to Emmen only in 1814. In March 2012, the voters of Emmen rejected the start of merger negotiations with the city of Lucerne in a referendum .


Residential Council (Legislative)

A total of 40 seats

The municipality has in the legislature as a 40-member Einwohnerrat . This is re-elected every four years. In the current term of office from 2020 to 2024 it has the following composition:

Municipal Council (Executive)

The municipal council , which consists of five members, is the executive authority. Each of them heads a directorate. In the 2016-2020 term of office it consists of:

  • Ramona Well-Rogger FDP : mayor ; Security and Sport Directorate
  • Patrick Schnellmann CVP : Finance and Personnel Directorate
  • Thomas Lehmann FDP : Social and Society Directorate
  • Josef Schmidli CVP : Construction and Environment Directorate
  • Brahim Aakti SP : School and Culture Directorate

Cantonal elections

In the 2019 Cantonal Council elections in the Canton of Lucerne, the share of the vote in Emmen was: FDP 23.5%, SVP 22.0%, CVP 19.6%, SP 16.7%, GPS 13.4%, glp 5.1%.

National Council elections

In the 2019 Swiss parliamentary elections, the share of the vote in Emmen was: SVP 30.5%, SP 18.4%, CVP 16.4%, FDP 14.9%, Greens 12.4%, glp 6.0%, EPP 1, 0%.


The power station near Rathausen , founded by Theodor Bell and Eduard von Moos in 1894 and commissioned in 1896 , is now operated by CKW .

One of the most important and largest employers in the municipality of Emmen is the Emmen military airfield ( ICAO code LSME, IATA code EML) of the Swiss Air Force . In addition to the aircraft factory, the Swiss aerobatic team " Patrouille Suisse " is also located here. The airfield offers around 1,400 jobs and will continue to exist as a training, alternative, transport and works airfield as part of the army's stationing concept . The Federal Konstruktionswerkstätte 1940 founded an aeronautical facility in Emmen, the 1943 Federal Aviation Plant was today this is the RUAG Aviation and RUAG Space .

The steel producer Swiss Steel AG , which today belongs to the Schmolz und Bickenbach steel group , is also very important. Viscosuisse's former second major company now operates under the name Monosuisse and is far less important than it used to be.

The construction groups Anliker and Gebr. Brun as well as Hager AG , which specializes in energy distribution and control, have their headquarters in the Emmenbrücke part of the municipality, while the logistics group Also in Emmen. As an industrial site, the municipality has plants belonging to Emmi AG, which operates its main plant in the municipality, as well as the Von Roll Casting AG foundry . In 2012 and 2013 two large production plants opened their doors, the window plant of the former Kronenberger AG and today 4B AG, which is part of the 4B Holding , as well as the clean room plant of Gemü .

The large shopping centers and numerous other shopping opportunities in the community are known far and wide. The two big ones are the Emmen Center (largest shopping center in Central Switzerland) and the Emmen residential center, which specializes in furnishings. The smaller ones are the Centrum Seetalplatz in the Maxx cinema and the Sonnenplatz shopping center.


Private transport

The municipality of Emmen is located on a European north-south axis; the A2 / E35 and A14 motorways intersect in the municipality . These are the connections Emmen-Nord and Emmen-Süd. The Seetalplatz (around 50,000 vehicles per day) is the canton's busiest place in the municipality. It is the junction of the canton roads K10 (Seetalplatz - Wolhusen - Entlebuch - Wiggen ), K13 ( Lucerne - Neuenkirch - Sursee - Reiden ), K16 Seetalstrasse (Seetalplatz - Hochdorf - Aesch ) and K31 (Seetalplatz - Schlossberg) and is therefore of national importance. Since the square is often overloaded, it will be expanded by 2018 for a total of 134 million francs. In addition to the cantonal roads already mentioned, the K13 (Sprengi- Beromünster - Gunzwil ) and K31A (Sedel-Meierhöfli) also run through the municipality.

Public transport

There are four train stations in the municipality of Emmen. Of these, the Emmenbrücke station , the operationally associated Emmenbrücke Gersag stop and the Rothenburg Dorf stop are on the Lucerne – Olten line . Contrary to the name, the latter is not in Rothenburg, but in the Emmer district of Chapf. The Waldibrücke stop on the Seetalbahn line also exists in the northeast of the municipality . These are served by the S-Bahn lines S1, S9 and S99 (supplement to the S9 during rush hour, Seetalbahn) of the Lucerne S-Bahn . In addition, the RegioExpress Luzern-Olten stops at Emmenbrücke station.

In supraregional and regional bus transport, various lines connect the community with the city of Lucerne and the communities in Michelsamt and the Rottal .

  • Line 2 (Luzern Bahnhof –Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd –Emmenbrücke Sprengi) of the RBus system of the Lucerne transport company
  • Line 5 (Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd - Pilatusplatz - Kriens bus loop) of the Lucerne trolleybus operated by the Lucerne public transport company
  • Line 50 (Luzern - Beromünster - Menziken AG) of Auto AG Rothenburg
  • Line 51 (Luzern - Rothenburg - Rain) of Auto AG Rothenburg
  • Line 52 (Luzern - Beromünster - Rickenbach Bohler) of Auto AG Rothenburg
  • Line 61 (Luzern - Ruswil - Ettiswil) of Rottal Auto AG
  • Line 72 (Lucerne - Neuenkirch) of the Postbus Central Switzerland

With the redesign of Seetalplatz, a bus hub was created below Emmenbrücke station. This is called "Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd" and has been used since December 11, 2016. This means that the buses run from Seetalplatz via the new bus station via Emmenbrücke station and then flow into Gerliswilstrasse. As a result of the innovation at Seetalplatz, the Seetalplatz, Emmenbaum and Zollhaus stops (south of the small Emme in Reussbühl) were no longer available, and the Central station was also renamed Viscosistadt.

The seven lines of the Emmer bus network operate within the municipality as well as to the municipality of Rothenburg and the Lucerne district of Littau. This is operated by Auto AG Rothenburg and it connects the districts of the community with the cross-community bus and trolleybus lines as well as with the Lucerne S-Bahn .

  • Line 40 Littau Bahnhof - Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd - Flugzeugwerke - (Waldibrücke)
  • Line 41 Schönbühl - Emmenfeld - Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd - Littau Bahnhof
  • Line 42 Schönbühl - Gersag Bahnhof - Lindenheim - Emmen Center
  • Line 43 Bösfeld - Gersag train station - Lindenheim - Emmen Center
  • Line 44 Bösfeld - Gersag Bahnhof - Emmenfeld - Flugzeugwerke
  • Line 45 Chörbli - Sprengi - Sonnenplatz - Bösfeld
  • Line 46 Rothenburg Wahligen Nord ( IKEA ) - Rothenburg - Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd

Lines 60 ( Buttisholz - Ruswil - Rothenburg Bahnhof) and 70 (Neuenkirch - Rothenburg Bahnhof) in the Lore area also serve parts of the municipality of Emmen.


The community has the two upper level centers Erlen and Gersag, which in turn consists of parts 1 + 2, but some of them use the same infrastructure. A total of 9 primary schools (PS) are spread across the community. These are:

  • PS Emmen Dorf
  • PS Erlen, on the same area as the SEK Erlen
  • PS Gersag, on the same area as the SEK Gersag 1 + 2
  • PS Hübeli
  • PS grief
  • PS Meierhöfli
  • PS Riffy
  • PS Rüeggisingen
  • PS Sprengi

The Reussbühl canton school is the next high school in neighboring Reussbühl. The vocational training center for business, IT and technology also has a location in Emmen, and several 100 students go to school there every day.

freetime and recreation

In the green belt from the municipal administration to the width of the field, various leisure facilities of the municipality are centrally located. In addition to the Mooshüsli indoor and outdoor swimming pool, there are also the Beach Sports Arena, the Ice Sports Arena (artificial ice), several football fields and an athletics facility. A themed playground is to be built in the same area. On the banks of the Reuss there is the Planet Path, which extends to Perlen, and the Wood Sculpture Path.

Sport, art and culture


There are numerous sports clubs in the municipality. The best known are FC Emmenbrücke (3rd division) and SC Emmen (2nd division). One of the largest clubs in the community is Volley Emmen Nord, whose men's team played in the National League B for a long time. The sport of handball also has a tradition. From the ATV Emmenbrücke and the HC Emmenstrand the joint club Handball Emmen (1st league) emerged in 2009. Handball Emmen is the second largest handball club in Switzerland. Many clubs are not so well known in public, but already z. B. The Emmenbrücke unicycle club, the Beachkings Emmen (beach soccer) and the Emmenstrand athletics club.

Arts and Culture

The Le Théâtre cultural center, December 2017

The community has its own art collection. The top floor of the community building was used as the Gersag Gallery for a long time, when the community administration needed the space, together with the Anliker Art Foundation, the battery art platform was launched, which shows several different exhibitions per year. The Le Théâtre, previously located in Kriens, has been located in the Gersag Congress Center since autumn 2017 . Under the name "Le Théâtre, Emmen", the building in the Emmenbrücke quarter is the roof for musicals , theater and comedy performances as well as congresses, company and club events.


Youth associations

In Emmen there are 7 groups who belong to the Jungwacht Blauring Association, as well as a scout band. The Jublascharen from the municipality of Emmen form a single regional team together with the Blauring Rothenburg. This is very unusual, as regional teams usually consist of an entire region and not almost just one municipality.

Future development

Several large projects are planned in the municipality for the next few years, which will change the appearance, the municipality expects up to 37,000 inhabitants by 2030.

Seetalplatz / Lucerne city center north

With over 53,000 vehicles per day, Seetalplatz is a traffic junction in Central Switzerland. Since this is chronically overloaded during rush hour, it will be converted. The current double circle will create a large roundabout for motorized traffic and separate routes for public transport and non-motorized traffic . In addition, flood protection will be improved so that an event like the one in 2005 will not be repeated. In return, the Kleine Emme has an additional mouth arm. Following the road and hydraulic engineering work, a new city center Lucerne North is to be built around the square; these developments are regulated in the Lucerne North Master Plan. The first (preparatory) construction work began at the end of 2012, the main construction work started in November 2013. The construction work ended in June 2017.

Quartier field width

On the area of ​​the former “Schindler-Dörflis” and the Brun Elementwerke, a new, urban district with over 600 new apartments will be built over the next few years. The dismantling was completed in 2012. The planning application for the “Pilatus” project on construction sites A1 and A2 was submitted in August 2012. Construction is expected to start in 2013. The winners of the competitions on plots B1 and D1 have also been decided. With the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV and their Feldhäuser project, an internationally renowned architecture firm won the tender for construction site C1.


A new district on the banks of the Kleine Emme is planned on the Monosuisse (formerly Viscose) site. To this end, Monosuisse AG carried out a study contract for a master plan, which EM2N Architekten AG from Zurich won. The master plan was noted by the municipality's residents' council in October 2012. In December 2013 the Viscosistadt AG was founded, which took over the real estate part and thus the development of the Viscosistadt from Monosuisse. Building 745 will be the first to be rebuilt and from 2016 will house parts of the Design & Art department of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


In addition to the major Viscosistadt project, medium-sized projects are also planned on one of the municipality's main traffic routes, Gerliswilstrasse. Directly opposite this, the Central Plaza (formerly Central Towers) will be another development through whose building the Swiss Steel industrial tracks will lead. At the level of the Krauerstrasse bus stop, the Vivale-Sonnenplatz residential complex is under construction. Between Sonnenplatz and Sprengi, the Sonnenhof is a densification of the previous garden settlement Sonnenhof der Viscose. Together, these projects will change the image of the community just like the major projects.


Town twinning

A partnership with the city of Spiringen in the canton of Uri has existed since 1968 .

Web links

Commons : Emmen  - collection of images

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