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Theodor Balk ( birth name : Fodor Dragutin, born September 22, 1900 in Zemun ( Austria-Hungary , today Serbia ), † March 25, 1974 in Prague ) was a Serbian- Jewish German-speaking writer .


Theodor Balk studied in Zagreb and Vienna medicine and received his doctorate in Vienna in 1925 to Dr. med. In 1925 he was a doctor in Belgrade and wrote articles for the communist press. In 1929 he emigrated to Germany for political reasons and came to Berlin. He joined the KPD and the League of Proletarian Revolutionary Writers . In Berlin he worked as a journalist and editor for Die Linkskurve . In 1929 he became editor of the central correspondence . He also wrote for Die Rote Fahne . From 1932 he worked as a ship's doctor.

In 1933 he emigrated to Paris via Prague . Theodor Balk met Lenka Reinerová in Prague . He wrote in the style of Egon Erwin Kisch for The Counterattack , International Literature , Neue Deutsche Blätter , Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung , Deutsche Zentral-Zeitung in Moscow , Die neue Weltbühne and Das Wort . He came to Spain via Paris and worked there in 1936 as a battalion doctor for the International Brigades . In 1939 he was interned in Le Vernet and Les Milles . In 1941 he was able to flee to Mexico , where he worked on the magazine “Free Germany”. In 1943 he married Lenka Reinerová. In 1945 he got on a freighter from Montreal to Yugoslavia . His daughter was born in Belgrade.

Because of a serious illness, Balk was admitted to a clinic in Prague. During the subsequent spa stay in Karlsbad , the family decided not to return to Yugoslavia.

From 1948 Theodor Balk lived in Lenka Reinerová's hometown Prague.


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