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Timothy Michael Samaras (born November 12, 1957 in Lakewood , Colorado , † May 31, 2013 in El Reno , Oklahoma ) was an American engineer and storm chaser .

Samaras became known for the show Crazy About Tornados (English Storm Chasers ), in which he tried to place technical devices for collecting important data directly on the path of tornadoes . Crucial wind data should be recorded so that, for example, the building of houses can be adapted and thus better protection against tornadoes can be offered. Tim Samaras was the head of the TWISTEX team .

Tim Samaras, along with his son Paul and meteorologist Carl Young, was killed while observing an EF3 tornado near El Reno near Oklahoma City when their vehicle was hit by one of the small eddies of the multivortex tornado . The vehicle was thrown more than 800 meters from the road and completely destroyed in the process. The recordings of the cameras that were found in the destroyed Chevrolet Cobalt were only viewed by the closest colleagues and were never published.

A memorial to Samaras and his colleagues was erected in 2015 next to the field where the wrecked car was found.

At that time it was not an EF 3 tornado, but the largest area in diameter that it has destroyed, ever measured. This was at its greatest extent about four miles wide.

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