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Tom DeMarco (born August 20, 1940 in Pennsylvania , USA ) is the inventor of structured analysis and has had a decisive influence on the field of software engineering through his contributions to software management . He became particularly well-known through a fictional work : The appointment - a novel about project management . DeMarco stands for the thesis that the decisive aspects of software development are human and not technical, and that consequently the tasks of management are to be named or worked out here.


Tom DeMarco's father ran a brass and bronze foundry in the New England states . Tom DeMarco was in software development for many years , e.g. B. at Bell Laboratories. In the mid-1980s he u. a. founded the company 'The Atlantic Systems Guild' with Timothy Lister, where he is still active today.

With regard to software technology , he made a contribution to the specification of requirements of software projects as well as various contributions to software management, such as investigations into the influences on productivity. His books are characterized by a lot of humor and the basic statement that people and not technology is the decisive factor in software development.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering of the University of Cornell , the Master of Science of Columbia University , a diploma from the Sorbonne and a honorary doctorate in Science of the City University London .


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