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Trance Groove is a German band that was founded in 1992 by the drummer and percussionist Stefan Krachten . The music of Trance Groove combines loops with improvisations and uses elements from rock, groove, funk, jazz and electronic music. The result is a broad repertoire that ranges from melodic ballads to rock music . Most of the band's tracks are instrumental, sometimes with scraps of vocals, which are used more as instruments than vocals. A few pieces also contain “normal” vocal passages.

Band members

Surname Instrument (s) Solid Gold Easy Action Paramount Driving South Meant to be Like This orange Playing with the Chelsea Girls
Pure winter slack Trumpet, flugelhorn X X X X
DJ Heli Turntables (scratching) X X X X X X
Stefan Krachten
(† 2014)
Drums, percussions X X X X X X
Dal Martino Bass, keyboards, guitar X X X X X X
Jürgen Dahmen Piano, guitar, congas, keyboards, percussions, vocals X X X X X X
Helmut Zerlett Synthesizer, keyboards, Hammond organ , omnichord , waterphone X X X X X X
Samson Gassama Percussions X X
Matthias Keul guitar X
Bernd Winterschladen saxophone X X
Thomas Kessler synthesizer X X


  • 1994: Solid Gold Easy Action
  • 1996: Paramount
  • 1999: Musique Legère (remix album, mainly by Paramount )
  • 2000: Driving South
  • 2003: Meant to be like this
  • 2008: orange
  • 2009: Playing With The Chelsea Girls

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