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Dal Martino (* 1959 in Hilden , bourgeois Volker Vaessen) is a German bassist who plays in the bands Nighthawks ( Nu Jazz ) and Trance Groove ( Electronica ) as well as with Wolf Maahn . He worked on Axel Heilhecker's album " Culture Cross " as a bass player and singer.

Bassist Dal Martino was born in Hilden as Volker Vaessen in 1959. Until 1984 he attended the Musikhochschule Wuppertal and played in various German bands (LP debut 1978 with Cobraa, 1986 Groove Congress). From 1987 to 1989 Martino lived in the USA and worked with the drummer Michael Barsimanto ( Jean-Luc Ponty , Andy Summers , Freddie Hubbard etc.) in various line- ups , including Jimmy Z , Ivan Neville , Rugburns.

At the beginning of the 1990s he returned to Europe, toured with Wolf Maahn and worked in the studio and in sessions with Jaki Liebezeit ( Can ). Since 1991/92 Martino gained experience with Romanian musicians in Bucharest, before opening his own studio in Düsseldorf as a producer, composer and musician in 1993. In the same year he met the trumpeter Reiner Winterschladen in Stefan Krachten's project Trance Groove (with Helmut Zerlett and Jürgen Dahmen, among others ) , the debut "Solid Gold Easy Action" appeared on VeraBra, since then regular publications. In 1995 he went abroad to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he wrote film music with Prema Siri Kemadasa. Further collaboration on many projects and artists, etc. a. Eric Burdon , Dominic Miller , Gerd Köster , Unknown Cases , Phantomband , LSE , DV 8, Walk of the Elephants , Thomas Kagermann , Culture Cross , Heilhecker , Phoenix , Anna Maria Jopek , Xaver Fischer, Ryan Carniaux, Braa Conspiracy, Soul Return

In 1997 Dal Martino founded the Nighthawks with Reiner Winterschladen , the following year the debut "Citizen Wayne" was released. In October 2001 the Nighthawks' second album "Metro Bar" followed, which brought the band the first German jazz award. In addition to his work as a professional musician, Dal Martino works as a producer and composer for cinema, TV and advertising and, in addition to the bands Trance Groove and Nighthawks, also runs his own studio, label and publisher.

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