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Stefan Krachten (September 2014)

Stefan Krachten (born July 16, 1958 in Rüsselsheim am Main ; † September 16, 2014 in Lohmar ) was a German drummer and music producer who was part of the Cologne music scene. Most recently he was also active under the pseudonym Goldman .

Live and act

Krachten had his first piano lessons at the age of ten and played in his first band in 1971. He founded his band Hot Fire with Helmut Zerlett . As early as 1978 he was a member of the roadshow of the music clown Jango Edwards , with whom he appeared at the Amsterdam Festival of Fools , then went on tour internationally and recorded the album Jango Edwards & Friends Roadshow . In 1980 he performed with Serge de Paris at the Tempodrom . In the same year he was one of the founders of Dunkelziffer , with whom he released three studio albums and one live album. Since 1982 he has been part of the band project The Unknown Cases with Helmut Zerlett and Rosko Gee , which developed and recorded the dance music classic Masimbabele with Reebop Kwaku Baah ; this is “a groundbreaking musical pioneering achievement - presumably for the first time African rhythms and singing, Tamla Motown soul, psychedelic rock and serial dance grooves were merged into something that had not been heard before.” With the singer Sabiha Kara in 1985 with further recordings - together with Rosko Gee, Maxim Rad, Daniel (Bontjes) van Beek, Godfrey McLean and Helmut Zerlett - on this work: In the Matrix Studio, the place where Reebop Kwaku Bah was last in London before his sudden death lived and worked. In 1990 the formation went on a European tour.

Stefan Krachten (June 2014, Photo: Jörg Steinmetz)

In 1983 he organized a cage festival with Ingo Kümmel and others in the occupied Stollwerck factory . With Dal Martino he curated the Trance Club event series in Cologne.

In 1986 he became a member of the Fred Banana Combo , whose album Fred Banana was produced by Conny Plank in 1987 . By Adam Noildt Intermission Orchestra of Frank Köllges he took part in the opening of the documenta 8 with. In 1991 he founded the world music group Walk of the Elephants with accordionist Eli Thoböll and violinist Thomas Kagermann , with which he went on tour in 1998 and which lasted until 2000. From 1990 Krachten began working as a producer, initially for Bad Little Dynamos , and installed his own studio Sound Legere . In 1993 he founded the electronica band Trance Groove , in which he played with Thomas Kessler , Reiner and Bernd Winterschladen , Ruby (Marion Rubina Klask), DJ Heli, Dominik von Senger, Rosko Gee, Reiner Linke, Helmut Zerlett and Dal Martino, With which he released several albums until 2010 and remixed the song Reich der Träume by Nico . With Raji Susanne Atorf he produced the album Fresh with the participation of Jürgen Dahmen and Dal Martino as well as Kurt Kreikenbom, Eric Zeiler, Conny Chillin and Gero Sprafke (sound) Mastering: Dieter Krauthausen . With the vibraphonist Konrad Schilling, he pursued the Rainmaker project , in which Sita and Maya Rose ( Popol Vuh ) sang. Under the name Goldman he released his first solo album On the Outside (looking in) with the bassist Konstantin Wienstroer in 2013 , supplemented by other musicians such as the singer Ruby, the pianist Jürgen Dahmen , the saxophonist Mel Collins , the singer Isis, Dirk Herweg (Electronics and string instruments), Hans Maahn , Helmut Zerlett and the singers Nicolle Meyer (formerly drummer of the Fred Banana Combo) and Elfie-Esther. Goldman appeared regularly at the Kunsthaus Rhenania (Cologne) from 2013, where he curated the Instant Music Club series . He also recorded with Gerd Köster , with the Talking Horns as well as with The Piano Has Been Drinking and with Jim Capaldi and accompanied Amy Antin . One of his last major productions is the double album by the artist Werner Kiera aka Datenverarbeiter under the title Fleur Noire - Joue les images .


Stefan Krachten (photo art by Werner Kiera aka data processor)
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  • Machine hall 2001:
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  • Goldman - On the Outside [Looking In] (2013) (CD and vinyl double album)
  • Goldman - The Truth of Ghost Dog (2014) (Live album, with Thomas Kessler, Mel Collins, Konstantin Wienstroer and Jürgen Dahmen)

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