Nighthawks (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Nu jazz
founding 1998
Current occupation
Bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals
Dal Martino
Trumpet, flugelhorn
Pure winter slack
Drums, percussion
Thomas Alkier
Rhodes, percussion, Hammond, grand piano
Jürgen Dahmen
Markus Wienstroer

Nighthawks is a German jazz band specializing in nu jazz .


The two core members Dal Martino and Reiner Winterschladen get to know each other at the founding concert of the formation Trance Groove and from then on they play several concerts and recordings together. Their interplay intensifies in 2004, in the sense of a music production for the film Samantha . Parts of the film music are used to create longer tracks and, after further examination of the material, the album Citizen Wayne in 1998 . The stereo magazine awards it as “Fusion CD of the year 1998”.

After the success of Citizen Wayne , the band released their most successful album to date in 2001, Metro Bar, and in the same year immediately reached number 3 on the German jazz charts.

In 2004 they produced the album As the Sun Sets for Warner Music , which also sold well. From now on the band can also be seen live on tour. At the age of 4 , the Nighthawks released their fourth album in 2007 on the Herzog Records label . This sounds much more experimental and differs from the previous productions. In the same year they release the LP Selections .

The sixth album Today , released in 2010, is based on the beginnings of the band. It combines the original sound of the Nighthawks with the musical ideas they were able to gain on their worldwide concert tours. In 2011 they played on the main stage of the Hamburg festival Elbjazz . The audio and video recording of this concert was released on CD / DVD in February 2012.

The albums Metro Bar , As the Sun Sets and 4 each sold more than 10,000 times in Germany, so that the band received a German Jazz Award in gold in 2005, 2011 and 2013 .


The music from the Nighthawks consists of elements of jazz, dance floor and chill-out . The music style can also be summarized under the term Nu Jazz . The band was named after the painting of the same name by the American painter Edward Hopper . Other musicians such as Thomas Alkier , Jürgen Dahmen , Konstantin and Markus Wienstroer are also involved in the productions. In addition to them, special guests such as Anna Maria Jopek and Dominic Miller can be heard on the recordings.


  • 1998: Citizen Wayne
  • 2001: Metro Bar (DE: Gold)
  • 2004: As the Sun Sets (DE: Gold)
  • 2007: 4 (DE: Gold)
  • 2007: Selection
  • 2010: Today
  • 2012: Live in Hamburg (DVD / CD)
  • 2014: Rio Bravo
  • 2016: 707 (The Boeing Album)

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