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When transported goods are referred to a spatial location change through technical means ( Transport be subjected in the broadest sense).

Types of goods

The transported goods are differentiated according to type:

  • Bulk liquid means any liquid, semi-liquid or gaseous goods in a liquid state of aggregation are conveyed
  • Gripped goods : goods that can be loaded using hydraulic gripping tools
  • Bulk : solid, d. H. Lumpy or granular goods that are transported in bulk (steel, paper, cement, ore)
  • Suction material : bulk material that is discharged using a suction lifter
  • Bulk goods : all loose goods, e.g. B. gravel, sand, sugar, granules or pigments
  • General cargo : individual workpieces or goods that are combined into one piece, e.g. B. loaded pallets, cable reels or barrels; Transport in containers referred to as container goods .

If the transported goods can pose a risk, they are referred to as dangerous goods . Such transport is then subject to dangerous goods law and must be labeled. Hazardous goods include all radioactive, explosive, highly flammable, toxic and caustic chemicals.

The assignment of the goods to be transported to one of the types of goods mentioned above depends on the transport or loading method used. Grain, for example, can be assigned to both granular bulk material and suction material. The terms for types of goods are sometimes used differently depending on the transport area. So called z. B. In the ocean freight sector, bulk cargo is any cargo that takes up all or most of the cargo.

The transport of people falls under the concept of passenger transport . If the transported goods consist of living animals, it is an animal transport .

Types of transportation

If the goods are transported in commercial traffic for a fee (= freight ), one speaks of freight .

Goods that are transported on or in a single air, rail, road or water vehicle are called freight containers . If the mode of transport changes , the type of transport is called intermodal transport or multimodal transport . This includes combined transport (rail / road with a change of transport system) and the rolling road , with the load remaining on the truck and being transported in piggyback traffic .

Liquid goods represent a specialty among the transport goods. In addition to being transported by conventional means of transport, they can also be transported by pipeline in a pipeline . Transport by pipeline, however, is not part of transport, but of process engineering .

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