Tschaka Nogai

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Chaka ( Bulgarian Чака : *, † 1300 in Tarnovo ) or Chaka Nogai was a Mongolian prince and 1299-1300 Tsar of Bulgaria . Tschaka was the son of Kara Nogai Khan , one of the leaders of the Golden Horde .

After the defeat against the legitimate khan of the Golden Horde, Tokta , Chaka fled to Bulgaria with his wife and brother-in-law Todor Swetoslaw in autumn 1299 , where he took the throne of Ivan IV Smilez . But the following year he was overthrown and imprisoned by Todor Svetoslav.

After Todor Swetoslaw was crowned the new tsar of Bulgaria, he had Chaka killed and his head given to Tokta as a gift.


Tschaka was married to a daughter of Georgi I Terter . With her he had a son, Kara Kücük.


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