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Ivan Kommenos Dukas Palaeologus Smilez ( Bulgarian Йоан Комнин Дука Палеолог Смилец ), shortly Ivan IV Smilez. Or Ioan Smilez ( Bulgarian Иван IV Смилец ; * in the 13th century in Tarnovo ; † 13th century) was for a short time Tsar of Bulgaria from the Home Smilez .

Ivan IV was the son of Tsar Smilez and his wife Smilzina Palaiologos . He succeeded the Bulgarian throne in 1298 after the death of his father. Since he was still a minor, his mother and Eltimir , the despot of Kran , who was married to Ivan's sister, formed a reign.

The death of Nogai , the khan of the Golden Horde , sparked fighting between his sons Tschaka and Toktai around 1299 . Chaka lost and fled with his wife (daughter of Georgi I Terter , brother of Eltimir) and Todor Swetoslaw to Bulgaria, where he took the throne of Ivan Smilez in autumn 1299.

Ivan IV and his mother fled to Constantinople via crane . No other information about the life of Ivan Smilez has been passed on. There is only evidence that Radoslaw and Wojsil , Ivan's uncles, stayed in Constantinople .

After Ivan IV Smilez fled, Khan Chaka became Bulgarian ruler. However, he was overthrown in 1300 by Todor Svetoslav.

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