Cheetverikov ARK-3

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Cheetverikov ARK-3
Type: Flying boat
Design country:

Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Soviet Union



First flight:

September 1936

Number of pieces:

2 prototypes

The Tschetwerikow ARK-3 ( Russian Четвериков АРК-3 ) was a Soviet flying boat of the 1930s. It was designed by Igor Cheetverikov .


In 1934 the development work began as an ice observation aircraft for the GLAWSEW MORPUT ( Headquarters Nördlicher Seeweg ) and in September 1936 the first flight of the prototype ARK-3-1 (ARK stands for Arktitscheski) took place. The aircraft was improved several times and its power increased, whereby the pilot A. W. Jerschow was able to achieve an altitude and two speed records on April 25, 1937. Thereupon the Soviet Navy ordered a pilot series of five as long-range reconnaissance aircraft. On July 14, 1937, the engine mounts broke in a hard splash and the pilot was killed. A second prototype ARK-3-2 was created with an extended fuselage and closed machine-gun stands. It flew in May 1938. Exactly one year after the ARK-3-1 crashed, it also crashed on July 14, 1938 as a result of the rear fuselage breaking. The pre-series order was then canceled and the development program discontinued.

technical description

The ARK-3 was a cantilevered shoulder- wing monoplane with braced normal tail and rigid support floats . The production took place in mixed construction , the fuselage floor was in two stages . The fully glazed bow command post was arranged in a streamlined manner; a second command post was on the back of the fuselage . The two radial engines were attached in tandem to a bracket on the wing.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 4-5
Wingspan 19.90 m
length 14.50 m
Empty mass 3300 kg
Takeoff mass maximum 5260 kg
Engine two M-25W radial engines , each with 750 HP (552 kW),
free-standing on the center section of the wing, arranged in tandem
Top speed 320 km / h at an altitude of 1500 m
Cruising speed 275 km / h at an altitude of 1500 m
Rate of climb 230 m / min
Summit height practically 5900 m,
absolute 7800 m
Range normal 1500 km
maximum 2500 km
Radius of action 600 km
Flight duration 8.3 hours at 180 km / h
Armament three 7.62 mm MG
600-1000 kg bomb load under the wings

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