Tuatha Na Gael

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Tuatha Na Gael
Cruachan's studio album


April 30, 1995

Label (s) Nazgul's Eyrie Productions

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Celtic Metal , Pagan Metal

Title (number)

9 (without bonus titles)
12 (with bonus titles)

running time

56 min 53 s (without bonus titles)
72 min 8 s (with bonus titles)

  • Bass : John Clohessy


Opyros, Paul Thomas and Cruachan

- Tuatha Na Gael The Middle Kingdom (2002)
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Tuatha Na Gael is the debut album by the Irish Celtic metal band Cruachan .


After Cruachan signed a contract with the German label Nazgul's Eyrie Productions in early 1994, the debut album was recorded from February 8th to 12th, 1995. In addition to the normal line-up of the band, Niamh Hanlon ( Uilleann Pipes ) and Paul Kerns (background vocals) were also guest musicians on the album . On April 30, 1995, the Celtic Beltaine festival, Tuatha Na Gael was published. Since the label was very small and the album sold surprisingly well, it sold out relatively quickly, which is why it was re-released in 2001 by Hammerheart Records and in 2004. The songs from Promo '97 were added as bonus titles to the two re-releases .

The cover was designed by John O'Fathaigh.

Track list

All songs were composed by Cruachan. The lyrics are by Keith Fay, except for Táin Bó Cuailgne .

  1. I Am Tuan - 2:23
  2. The First Battle of Moytura - 7:46
  3. Maeves March - 3:32
  4. The Fall of Gondolin - 8:04
  5. Cúchulainn - 7:05
  6. Taín Bó Cuailgne ' - 8:45
  7. To Invoke the Horned God - 6:13
  8. Brian Boru - 4:40
  9. To Moytura We Return - 8:23
Bonus title (re-release 2004):
  1. Return - 6:35 (Original version of Ossian's Return on the album Folk-Lore , later rewritten as Viking Slayer (on Pagan ))
  2. Erinsong - 4:56 (Original version of Lament for the Wild Geese , a song with the same name is also present on Pagan )
  3. Ó Ró Sé Do Bheata Bhaile - 3:44


The album received praise both in the scene and by the trade press for its compositions which combine elements of folk and early Skyclad albums with elements of black metal . Only the poor recording quality of the original version was occasionally criticized, metalstorm.net , z. B., therefore only awarded 6 out of 10 points for production.

The German metal magazine and webzine Rock Hard awarded 9 out of 10 points for the album:

"'Tuatha Na Gael' is not only an interesting musical affair, but also a lesson in pagan mythology."

- Kai Wendel : Criticism in Rock Hard

The album was also praised internationally. Metalstorm.net rated the album with a total of 8 out of 10 points and wrote:

"Tuatha Na Gael" is a jewel among the fine albums the band has created. It is a perfect representative of their personal style and also has a face of its own. This merry album is enjoyable for every fan of Cruachan and a fine experience for any person who likes folk metal all in all.

Tuatha Na Gael is a jewel among all the good albums the band has released. It perfectly represents her own style and yet has a certain independence. This happy album is a treat for any Cruachan fan and a good experience for anyone who likes Folk Metal. "

- Hobbit Viggo

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