USS Daniel Webster (SSBN-626)

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The Daniel Webster at sea in 1985
The Daniel Webster at sea in 1985
Order 3rd February 1961
Keel laying December 28, 1961
Launch April 27, 1963
1. Period of service flag
Commissioning April 9, 1964
Decommissioning August 30, 1990
Whereabouts Training ship
Technical specifications

8250 ts submerged


129.5 m


10.1 m


9.6 m


13 officers and 107 men


A S5W reactor


30+ knots


4 533 mm torpedo tubes , 16 ICBMs

The USS Daniel Webster (SSBN-626) was a nuclear-powered submarine of the Lafayette-class . The boat was a so-called Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear , a submarine specially designed for launching ICBMs . It was named after the United States Secretary of State Daniel Webster .


USS Daniel Webster with down oars at the bow

In February 1961 the order for SSBN-626 was given, in December of the same year the keel was laid at the Electric Boat shipyard . In April 1963 the boat was launched, a year later, after completion of the final equipment and the shipyard test drives, the Webster was officially put into service with the United States Navy .

The Daniel Webster was, as the only boat in her class, equipped on a trial basis with the depth rudders on a small tower on the bow instead of the usual standard on the sail . However, as this configuration slowed down the speed, it was removed during the first overhaul and replaced with traditional oars.

After a service period of 26 years, the Daniel Webster was decommissioned. Instead of being dismantled, however, the submarine was converted into a moored training ship and received the designation MTS-626 . As such, the Webster is located near the Charleston Naval Shipyard in Charleston , South Carolina and is used to train new seafarers, especially in reactor operation.

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