USS Ingersoll (DD-990)

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Ingersoll in September 1982
The Ingersoll in September 1982
Order 15th January 1975
Keel laying 5th December 1977
Launch March 10, 1979
1. Period of service flag
Commissioning April 12, 1980
Decommissioning July 24, 1998
Whereabouts Sunk in 2003 as a target ship
Technical specifications

8,040 tons


172 meters


16.8 meters


8.8 meters


19 officers, 315 sailors


2 propellers, driven by 4 gas turbines; 80,000 hp


32.5 knots


2 × Mark 45 lightweight guns , 2 × 20 mm Phalanx CIWS , 1 × RUR-5 ASROC (removed after conversion), 1 × RIM-7 Sea Sparrow , 2 × AGM-84 Harpoon , 2 × torpedo tubes with Mark-46- Lightweight torpedoes , after conversion 2 × Armored Box Launcher

The USS Ingersoll (DD-990) was a the Spruance-class destroyer belonging destroyer of the US Navy , which was made in April 1980 in service. In 1985 it was one of the first ships in the United States Navy to receive two Armored Box Launcher launch systems. The Ingersoll remained in active use until July 1998 and was sunk as a target ship in July 2003 .


The Ingersoll was laid on December 5, 1977 at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula (Mississippi) and was launched on March 10, 1979. The commissioning under Commander ER Fickenscher III. took place on April 12, 1980. The ship was named after the Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll .

In 1985 , the Ingersoll was one of the first ships in the United States Navy to receive two Armored Box Launcher launch systems, for which the previously installed RUR-5 ASROC launch system was removed. However, the new system turned out to be unsuitable because it was too heavy and thus had a negative impact on the seaworthiness of the ship.

On June 20, 1992, the Ingersoll collided with the Matsumi Maru No. oil tanker while on patrol in the Strait of Malacca . 7 . The ship suffered slight damage and water ingress, but was able to call at Singapore on its own . After making temporary repairs, the Ingersoll went to Pearl Harbor for shipyard work .

Although she was one of the youngest ships in the Spruance class, the Ingersoll was retired on July 24, 1998 after only 18 years of service as one of the first units in her class and was removed from the Naval Vessel Register on the same day . The reason for this was the high operating costs of the Armored Box Launcher system. After five years of berth, the ship was sunk on July 29, 2003 during an exercise as a target ship.

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