USS Preston (DD-19)

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USS Preston
USS Preston

New York Shipbuilding Company

Keel laying April 28, 1908
Launch July 14, 1909
1. Period of service flag
Commissioning November 21, 1909
Decommissioning July 17, 1919
Removed from ship register September 15, 1919
Whereabouts Sold for demolition on November 21, 1919
Technical specifications

902  ts (standard)


97.91 m (293 ft 10 in)


9.08 m (26 ft 11 in)


3.33 m (10 ft 11 in)




4 steam boilers


28 knots (52 km / h)


5 × 3 " cannons (76 mm / L50) in single mounts
3 × 21" torpedo tubes (Ø 533 mm)

The USS Preston (DD-19) was a destroyer of the US Navy during World War I and the third ship that bore that name. She belonged to the Smith class and was named after Samuel W. Preston .

The ship's godmother was Miss Katherine Magoun; first in command was Lieutenant Commander GC Day.

The building yard was the New York Shipbuilding Company in Camden (New Jersey)

Mission history

After commissioning, the Preston came to the Atlantic Fleet , drove patrols along the east coast of the USA and took part in various squadron and fleet maneuvers. After the outbreak of the First World War, she was part of the neutrality patrol, and from April 6, 1917, she moved to the waters off Boston , where she took over coastal protection tasks until May 12 of the same year. Then assigned to the Destroyer Force, Atlantic , the destroyer took over escort and security services for a further two months. In July 1917, the Preston moved to the strategically important Azores to carry out patrols there until October 5th. Thereafter, the transfer to Brest took place , from where security trips along the French coast and in the English Channel were carried out until the armistice .

On December 11, 1918, the Preston returned home and arrived on January 4, 1919 in Charleston (South Carolina) .

The ship was later moved to Philadelphia ( Pennsylvania ) and decommissioned there. After being deleted from the Naval Vessel Register , the Preston was sold to TA Scott Company in New London (Connecticut) for demolition.


A total of five other ships of the US Navy bore this name