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Ulrich Muhlack (born October 3, 1940 in Königsberg ) is a German historian .

Ulrich Muhlack studied history and Latin from 1960 to 1965 at the universities of Frankfurt am Main and Göttingen . In 1965 he passed the first state examination for teaching at grammar schools. The following year he received his doctorate in Frankfurt am Main with a dissertation on France in the politics of the Prussian statesman Wilhelm von Humboldt . From 1972 he was professor for general historical methodology and the history of historiography at the University of Frankfurt am Main. He has been retired since the summer semester of 2006. Muhlack's academic students include a. Gerrit Walther . On his 65th birthday he was honored with the publication of his writings in the form of an anthology. The volume bundles a total of 14 essays by Muhlack that were published between 1978 and 2004.

Muhlack has dealt intensively with the theory of history and the historiography of humanism (especially using the example of Beatus Rhenanus ). His 1991 synthesis of historical studies in humanism and in the enlightenment. The prehistory of historicism is considered to be its most important monographic publication. He is currently working on an edition of Leopold von Ranke's correspondence on behalf of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .



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