Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino

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Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino
founding October 31, 1985
Sponsorship state
place City of San Marino , San Marino
Rector Giorgio Petroni
Website www.unirsm.sm

The Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino ( German  University of the Republic of San Marino ) was founded by Law 127 of October 31, 1985 by the Capitani Reggenti Pier Paolo Gasperoni and Ubaldo Biordi . Its rector is Giorgio Petroni . It has its seat in the capital San Marino in Contrada del Collegio, 38 and is divided into 6 faculties (after the San-Marinese name Dipartimenti rather than the Italian Facoltà ):


Dipartimento della Comunicazione (Communication Faculty)

Head of this faculty is Patrizia Violi , who also works at the University of Bologna and promotes research, elaboration and comparison in the field of semiotic communication and cognitive science. Its headquarters are at Contrada Omerelli, 77, in the capital.

Dipartimento della Formazione (Faculty of Education)

The faculty was founded by Renzo Canestrari in 1991 and is headed by Luigi Guerra from the University of Bologna . The aim is research and professional training. Its headquarters are in via Napoleone Bonaparte 3 in San Marino . The Educazione 2000 course has been held since 2000 , a training course for university lecturers.

Dipartimento di Economia e Tecnologia (Faculty of Economics and Technology)

This faculty is mainly active in researching new technologies. It is made up of four institutes ( sezioni ):

  • Scuola Superiore in Ingegneria Economico-Gestionale (University of Applied Sciences for Industrial Engineering )
  • Osservatorio sulle Imprese (Institute for Businesses)
  • Osservatorio sullo Sport (Institute for Sport)
  • Osservatorio sulla Pubblica Amministrazione (Institute for the Administrative Authority )
  • Polo Tecnologico NETTUNO , lauree a distanza (NETTUNO technology center, distance university)

Your seat is in via Bandirola, 44 in Montegiardino , your manager is Vito Albino,

Dipartimento di Studi Biomedici (Biomedical Faculty)

It offers two important advanced training courses:

  • Medicina e Chirurgia Estetica (medicine and plastic surgery)
  • Flebilinfologia ( Flebilinfologie )

two university courses:

  • Corso Nazionale per Coordinatori al Prelievo (State Course for Assistants in Blood Collection )
  • Trapianto di Organi-Transplant Procurement Management (Organ Transplant Course )

and three-year university degrees: the faculty is based at Contrada Omerelli, 77, in San Marino , the head is Ippolito Giuseppe Donini.

Dipartimento di Studi Giuridici (Faculty of Law)

This faculty, founded in 2000 by the Capitani Reggenti by decree n.123, promotes and deepens characteristics of the San-Marinese jurisprudence. It includes:

  • Scuola di Perfezionamento in Diritto Sammarinese (advanced training courses on San Marinese law)
  • Istituto Giuridico Sammarinese (Institute for San-Marine Legal Studies)

It is based in Contrada delle Mura, 16 in San Marino . The director is Pier Giorgio Peruzzi.

Dipartimento di Studi Storici (Faculty of History)

Founded in 2004, it is divided into two institutes:

It is based in via Napoleone Bonaparte, 3.


The San Marino university degrees are valid in Italy and the EU , although San Marino is not a member of the EU.

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