Unwan (Paderborn)

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Unwan († July 20, 935 ) was Bishop of Paderborn from 918 to 935 .

He probably came from the Immedinger family . He also belonged to the Billunger circle . In 916 he took part in the National Synod of Altheim held by King Konrad . At the time of Henry I , Unwan was one of his supporters and enjoyed royal favor. In 921 he was one of the greats who signed the Bonn Treaty between Heinrich and Charles the Simple . He was also present at the meeting in Koblenz of 922, where the greats of the West Franconian and East Franconian empires met. At Unwan's request, Heinrich confirmed the old rights of Herford Abbey, which had been destroyed by the Hungarians . In the same year Unwan was present at the synod in Erfurt . On the intercession of Queen Mathilde and Unwan, Heinrich I confirmed the prerogatives of the Abbey of Heerse in 934, in particular the free choice of the abbess.

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