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Utenfelde (also Udendelde) is a desert between Blankenheim and Annarode in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz .


  • Among other things, the arbitration award between Archbishop Otto von Magdeburg and Duke Otto von Braunschweig on January 4, 1347 stipulates that the latter should prove his claim to Sangerhausen and related goods, including Udenvelde .
  • Around 1400 the village of Uttenfelde in banno Caldenborn gives 3 Schillings half-city pfennigs procuracy fee .
  • After the first Mansfeld inheritance on June 16, 1420, the meadow around Utenfelde belongs to Count Volrad von Mansfeld and the two sons of Count Albrechts. In the final division around 1430, half of the meadows around Utenfelde were assigned to the former and half to Günter V.
  • In 1473 Utensvelde is described as belonging to the Sangerhausen dominion as a village with dishes, grooves, meadows and fields .
  • Around 1477, Archbishop Ernst enfeoffed the Counts of Mansfeld with the Mansfeld Castle and the Utenfelde accessories .
  • In 1483 the Elector Ernst and Duke Albrecht of Saxony quarrel with the Counts of Mansfeld over the border of Sangerhausen. The former claims that the border lies [...] next to the Schawesfelde desert up to the Dippelsdorf woods and the Utenfelde [...] mark .
  • around 1484 the place Utenfelde is described as desolate.


  • Erich Neuß: Desert Studies of the Mansfeld Districts (Seekreis and Gebirgskreis), second issue , Weimar 1971

Coordinates: 51 ° 31 ′ 21 "  N , 11 ° 24 ′ 58"  E