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Utto Kornmüller OSB, baptized Josef (born January 5, 1824 in Straubing ; † February 13, 1907 in Metten ), was a composer , church musician and monk in the Bavarian Benedictine Abbey of Metten .


After attending school in Straubing and studying theology at the Lyceum in Regensburg, Josef Kornmüller was ordained a priest in 1847. His first assignments in pastoral care took him to Windberg and Straubing before he entered the Benedictine abbey of Metten in 1857, where he was given the religious name Utto when he was professed . During his studies in Regensburg, Kornmüller, the son of a church musician, had found a connection with the church music reform movement ( Cäcilianism ), to which he was committed throughout his life. In Metten he worked as a music teacher and choir director at the monastery grammar school. He also held the offices of novice master and prior in the monastery for many years . His recognition as a composer and music historian far beyond his own monastery is shown by the fact that he was President of the Diocesan Cäcilienverein in Regensburg from 1884 to 1903.

Some of his Metten students emerged as composers and musicians themselves, such as Michael Haller , Joseph Auer , Fr. Josef Kreitmaier and Fr. Viktor Eder, who became Utto Kornmüller's successor in Metten.

Works (selection)

Historical and theoretical treatises

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