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Václav August Měřička (born January 18, 1916 in Prague ; † June 15, 2001 ibid) [ vaːt͡slaf mɲɛr̝ɪt͡ʃka ] was a Czech religious scholar and author of numerous phaleristic writings.


Měřička was the son of a university professor in Prague. He attended German elementary school and a Czech grammar school . Due to the early death of his parents, his uncle August Kordina took over his upbringing. He was the personal physician of Prince Friedrich zu Schaumburg-Lippe . Together with his son Leopold (1912–2006) Měřička received excellent riding training. He then joined the Czechoslovak Army as a dragoon in 1935 , until, after interruptions, he took his leave as captain in 1947 .

He then worked in the foreign policy service of parliament and the Czech government. Due to the associated travel activities to other countries as well as friends and sponsors, Měřička amassed an extraordinary collection of medals and decorations over the course of more than seven decades . By 1998 he donated the 3145 high-quality objects and more than 600 works from his phaleristic library to the National Museum in Prague.

Měřička's particular merit lies in his work as the author of the first outline of phaleristics as a scientific discipline and as a collecting area. From the mid-1960s he published a large number of specialist publications and articles in Czech, German, English and French.


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