VIP - the bodyguards

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Television series
German title VIP - the bodyguards
Original title VIP
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1998-2002
length 60 minutes
Episodes 88 in 4 seasons
genre Thriller
idea JF Lawton
production Pamela Anderson
J. F. Lawton
music Frankie Blue
First broadcast September 26, 1998 (USA)
first broadcast
September 17, 1999 on Sat.1

VIP - The Bodyguards is an American crime series starring Pamela Anderson . They were broadcast through syndication in the United States from 1998 to 2002 .


Vallery Irons comes to Los Angeles from the provinces to pursue a Hollywood career , but instead ends up at a takeaway with her friend Maxine De La Cruz . Her luck turns when actor Brad Cliff invites her to a film premiere . There she succeeds in preventing a murder attack on Cliff. The sensational journalism pounces on the story and promptly Vallery Irons is considered the best bodyguard in the city.

This calls for the company Colt Arrow Security Services , whose business has ceased since the former owner left the country for tax evasion and the agency is headed by three bodyguards Tasha Dexter, Nikki Franco and Quick Williams, and assistant Kay Simmons becomes. Vallery Irons is then recruited by the agency as a figurehead and should actually only be used to attract customers. Accordingly, the name is changed to Vallery Irons Protection , or VIP for short.

Contrary to plan, Vallery Irons is still involved in the cases every time.


  • 1999: Emmy nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music
  • 2002: Emmy Award Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Editing
  • 2002: Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup
  • 2002: Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing

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