Ordinance on the construction and operation of connecting railways

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In the ordinance on the construction and operation of connecting railways (BOA) and the railway building and operating regulations for connecting railways (EBOA) , the regulations for non- public transport railways are laid down.

The legal basis is the General Railway Act of March 29, 1951 (Section 3, Paragraph 3, Clauses 1 and 2) or, in the GDR, the “Ordinance on State Railway Control” of January 22, 1976 (Section 9).

Just like the Railway Building and Operating Regulations (EBO) for public transport railways, the (E) BOA serves the purpose of ensuring safe and regulated traffic management for connecting railways .

Since the connecting railways are subject to the federal states , each state has its own regulation. The content is usually divided into several subject groups according to the following pattern:

Regulations of the federal states

state Regulation (s) from
Baden-Württemberg BOA 17th March 1971
Bavaria EBOA March 3, 1983
Berlin Law on small railways and private connecting railways Operating regulations for private connecting railways
July 28, 1892 ( German Empire )
July 9, 1927 ( Weimar Republic )
Brandenburg BOA May 13, 1982 ( GDR )
Bremen Connection Ordinance January 6, 1961
Hamburg BOA March 15, 1960
Hesse Hessian Railway Act (HEisenbG) October 1, 2006
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania BOA May 13, 1982 (GDR)
Lower Saxony ABABauV ND December 14, 1955
North Rhine-Westphalia BOA October 31, 1966
Rhineland-Palatinate BOA July 15, 1957
Saarland EBOA September 25, 1985
Saxony BOA May 13, 1982 (GDR)
Saxony-Anhalt BOA May 13, 1982 (GDR)
Schleswig-Holstein ABABauV SH November 14, 1956
Thuringia BOA May 13, 1982 (GDR)

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