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Vietnam Television ( Vietnamese : Đài Truyền Hình Việt Nam, VTV) is a Vietnamese broadcasting company . Six national television stations VTV1 to VTV6 are operated. The program is broadcast in Vietnamese and French . VTV4 is partly broadcast in English.

In South Vietnam, the first television broadcasts were in the 1960s, broadcast as the United States in Saigon two television stations in Vietnamese and English founded. In the communist north, the first broadcast was broadcast on September 7, 1970, the television station was initially a division of the radio station Voice of Vietnam . After the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the television stations previously operated by the Americans were merged with North Vietnamese television and expanded into national programs. In 1976, the television station was split off from Voice of Vietnam .

Color television was introduced in 1978 . On April 30, 1987, the name Vietnam Television was officially introduced. On January 1, 1990, the second television station started with VTV2 , followed by VTV3 (broadcast started on March 31, 1996), VTV4 (broadcast started on April 27, 2000), and VTV5 (broadcast started on February 10, 2002). On April 27, 2007, the sixth transmitter, VTV6, went into operation. The regional shipment centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City , Huế , Nha Trang , Cần Thơ , Vinh and Tam Đảo . The program is broadcast nationwide through a network of provincial and municipal television stations.

VTV4 can be received in Germany via the Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B , Thaicom 5 and Intelsat 907 satellites and is also offered by some cable network operators.

VTV has its own production company for films and series. However, the share of Vietnamese productions in the overall program is only 30%, the rest consists of imported formats that have been translated into Vietnamese . Most productions come from South Korea, Japan and China, but also from Germany, such as the series Die Rettungsflieger .

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